I did get to about a third of the way through but there were many characters with the story lines going from past to present and I found it really hard to keep up with it all. The writing was good and the concept of the story, it was just too much for me.  Please read it for yourself as you may well really enjoy this story.




This was very interesting learning about what the magazine industry used to be like and for anyone wanting to know about journalism in the 80’s. Not that long ago but so much has changed and will continue to do so I feel. A cut throat business that discarded you as soon as your face did not fit.

So many contributing factors affected each magazine.  You would think that rising sales above expectation would please the editor but if advertising rates have not been set to cover all sales then that is no good at all. The start of the glossy pages that warranted brilliant photos, you had to get the best photographer for your magazine.

There were 2,500 new magazines launched between 1979 and 1989! What a difference to now as many are only digital versions these days. Only the best are still in print!  This book is a world of knowledge and really very interesting.



I really do like these police adventures, this one is about missing teenagers.  The detective Elsa Myers has a bad history herself with the story going back remembering that, while the present day mystery is happening at the same time.  Very well written as I didn’t get confused at all and really enjoyed it. FBI agent Elsie Myers will have to find herself and face her past as well as get to the missing child. There is a lot in this story to make you want to carry on for all the answers.

Problems with Elsa’s family including her sick and dying father make this a heartfelt read as well as a police case.  The characters all blend together and stick out for their own values, I am sure this will be the start of a series and will be one to look out for during 2018. Karen Ellis will be a name to remember, she has a unique style of writing that will jel with many people.


I am really liking this Blushed Nudes set, a very good mixture so it does for during the day and the evening.

The Ted Baker nail varnish goes on so smooth, the brush is just the right size then I have a bit of sparkle for the odd finger or evening wear.


Loving that this is so compact with a choice of colours so again can be used for day or evening wear.

I guess I am going to have to mention the dreaded diet, I really think there is nothing worse than eating very little and it’s always not very tasty.  I am determined to stick to it and think if I do it properly then it should only take six months and then be beach ready for the summer, well that is the dream lol.

I did buy some cheap scales as I have bought two that were all digital and worked out your BMI but I could not get them to work, my daughter tried as well so it wasn’t just me. I have gone back to simple ones that do not tell you lies.



I am using this gadget everyday so it all helps, I can’t do exercise as my heart goes even quicker and I end up feeling like this is the end, very scary.

Still taking my pic of the day, not very interesting over the weekend as was exhausted and spent it in bed, it is nice looking out to the garden, although that needs a bit of attention as I never did get round to putting winter pansies in my pots so it all looks a bit bleak.  I am finding it hard to purchase things like that as I don’t have a car anymore.

I have been putting my pics in the new frame I got for christmas, think I have decided the choice now.


Coffee time now with my friend Angela, best get that kettle on, I still haven’t worked out how the new machine works!

Have a great week everyone.




These two go back to school in the morning as their school had training days for the staff last week and as it has been raining here, well it feels likes weeks Billie didn’t want to take them to the yard so they came to stay at mine for a couple of days.  As the picture shows we had jama days with lots of story reading, colouring and them asking Alexa to sing, tell them stories and jokes.  Alexa is the Amazon dot and is great fun for me as much as the children. This is what I felt like after they left.


It has taken me all weekend to recover which was good as I have been chilling just reading and doing my journal also planning these blog posts for the coming weeks.

The next couple of weeks are writing weeks so will be busy editing one and writing more of the other book.  I am still motivated but I guess I should be as we are only a week into the new year, for some reason it feels much longer than that. Won’t be long and it will be February and half-term.


I am looking forward to reading Lisa Cutts mystery after meeting her at our Book Festival also Susie Orbach and William Shaw.


This Dawn French book/diary I have only just received and it is brilliant so I will be adding bits from that into my blog during the year.  I think this is the year of your journal whether it be a diary, bullet journal or charts it is just what you are comfortable with. Write down your thoughts, dreams, ideas and just about anything you want to. Why not take a look at your bucket list or have you got a dreaming of gifts I would like list, there are endless ideas and you can find many of them here on Pinterest just click this link.

Looks like I had better get reading, I have some reviews to post from December but they will be posted on publishing day during January. These look very good and I cannot wait to get stuck into them, happy reading.