I took Alfie to the sci-fi show as there was a Minecraft Zone and that is what he loves, having never been to anything like this before it was an experience for both of us. Arriving in Herne Bay we had to find somewhere to park and then we walked to the event and got in the queue and I must say I have never been in one as long as this but it was the quickest one as they were so well organised even down to searching some bags so it just goes to prove that with good organisation everything flows very quickly.  All the tickets were bought before on-line and you just gave them the print out.

It was amazing from Daleks to Star trek even Pokemon just about everything you could think of including the cars.  I loved the pink Dalek and the cyber man didn’t look as scary as what I remember him when a little girl.  Alfie loved the laser park and killed lots of people also the bouncy castle slides.  The Minecraft Zone was a bit disappointing as it was just a tent full of computers and tv’s with Minecraft on them and Alfie has it on everything at home.  He was very lucky on all the tombola and also got some new packs of Pokemon cards.

We had a nice picnic with lots of characters walking past us and even some of the visitors had dressed up for the day, there was a field, playground and hall full of things to do.  It really was a great day out and one we will remember for a long time.



fullsizeoutput_d55I read this on my Kindle while away on holiday and it was great.  Very different from my usual type of book as this had history in it but it was all so very interesting that I could not put it down.  I loved the characters and was wishing for things to happen all the time. They say love conquers all and they are truly right.  From the start to the end this was so intriguing, so many barriers and hurdles that make you think it will all end badly but miracles do happen and even though this was not a happy ending it was in a way. Brilliantly written and I will be looking for more books by Gill Paul.



Sue sent me this her latest book to review as she knew I really loved her previous book, so I could not wait to get stuck into this on holiday. I wanted to go to bed and read this and it only took a couple of nights as I could not put it down.  How do these authors think up such brilliant plots and stories, I thought her last book was great but this was absolutely brilliant.  It had me guessing until the end and yes as usual I got it all wrong, well who would have thought it would turn out like this!

Characters were superbly described so you felt they were real and you could feel their pain and loss.  Even though I don’t know the area it still felt real and you could picture it all.  I love these thriller type books and cannot wait for the next one.

Well done Sue.


This is a bit different from her usual stories but still enjoyable, by starting of with a death the lives of this family can only get better, even though they lose everything that they think is dear to them.  It shows that good things can come from bad things happening to you.  How you deal with life experiences make you into the person you become and sometimes we are taken of track which this story shows superbly.  Recovery and healing take time but this family do it all eventually and all become the better for it.

This very talented, amazing lady is one of my favourite authors with another best seller I am amazed at how quick she turns these novels out.



What more could you require than a specialist chocolate cafe?  Well come to Folkestone as we have just that, newly opened this week and the talk of the town already. This was one place I could not wait to visit so when Billie suggested we go there for my birthday treat, I was a tad excited.

Upon entering you are struck by the vastness, chairs and tables with space round them and even some comfy sofas to relax on and enjoy your coffee.  Then when seated you are given the menu, wow, what a menu it takes a while to read it all and decide which chocolate dish to succumb to.  There are also some light bites that make it a perfect place for a quick-lunch while at work or shopping.

Every type of tea, coffee or chocolate you could wish for plus the usual cold drinks and then more, it even has a liqueur licence so a cheeky glass of Prosecco is an indulgence that goes so well with chocolate covered strawberries!

The crepe is light, ice-cream delicious in fact everything is wonderful as it is covered in chocolate.  Best deal I found was a coffee and croissant before eleven for £2.80 yes they have chocolate croissant, I’m having dreams about chocolate it really is the most amazing cafe I have been to, ever.

Opening early and closing late, also catering events this place has ticked all the boxes for a 5 * review.




We had a new ice-cream, dessert, coffee-house open in Folkestone this week so we had to go and try it out. Alfie went for the strawberry gelato and I had hot chocolate fudge cake with vanilla gelato, very nice and will definitely be going back.  Some bits were not completed so will take pics next time.  Not sure where they got the name Missy Moo’s from so that will be one question I will be asking them.  Lots of choice of the menu so even for a coffee it is a nice place to go in Sandgate Road, Folkestone.

I am sure they have been very busy this week with our heat wave we have been having so they opened just at the right time.  I really hope they will start to do Cookie Dough as that is just delicious.



It was wonderful to come home to a garden full of flowers but the vine weed is not welcome and appears to be popping up everywhere, my granddaughter sent me a photo of my first roses, what a glorious colour pink they are.  I get a good dish full of strawberries most days and the carrots and beetroot are doing well.  The grape-vine has taken off, destination unknown!

It was my birthday on Monday and Kara took me to the pub for dinner, was the first time she has treated me to dinner so was great.  I got some lovely cards and presents and the sun was shining.

I am looking forward to Wednesday as that is the birthday lunch with my friends so will do a post about that next week.

It is nice to be home and even nicer that the weather is still so glorious here in Kent, it was still up to 31 in my garden today.  I like to just sit in it so not a lot of gardening has been attempted, in fact it is a good job Linda is coming home from Spain today as my front grass has not been done since she did it weeks ago.  I will be in her good books as I am picking her up from the airport tonight. LOL.

I need to get back into some writing as the local competitions are in the next couple of months, I appear to be very behind with all of my writing as couldn’t get into it at all for a few weeks at the beginning of the year as was not well.  It is very easy to get distracted when you are not focused, how do you keep on track or get back on track?