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I have read all of Julie’s books so I was so pleased when I was the first person to get my hands on her new book which is out on the 7th June 2018. It is superb and I am only about 25% in, I had to put it down yesterday because I watched the royal wedding but today I will be sitting in the sunshine reading from noon till night, please do not disturb.

If you have ever been to Whitstable then you will recognise the places that are in Julie’s books. Such a quant seaside town with lots of small shops in a wonderful high street. The oyster festival is not to be missed each year, it attracts thousands to the town.

Right I must get back to my reading with a nice cup of tea in the garden. Have a super Sunday everyone.



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I came across these badges the other day, I had never looked before to see if I had any so I have now put them on my blog and website. Felt very pleased with myself.

I receive a few books now from Netgalley these come from the publishers who normally would like a review on publishing day for the book they send you. I read them all on my Kindle as it is small enough to go in your handbag so you can read it anywhere and the best thing is you can read at night as it has its own light so you can just fall asleep, I often find the Kindle under the covers with me.

Reviews are what make some people buy books so if you can even if it is a few words it all helps, especially on Amazon. Many people are on Facebook or Twitter or in fact any social media that you belong to you can leave a review for the author.





The sun was shining in the UK today for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with the whole world watching this fairy story that has caught in people’s hearts. The service was different but very good as it all revolved about love, the love that has embraced these two with the world following. Bishop Michael Curry’s words were full of love, uniting the world to heal and bring happiness to the world all over.

I love the way everyone looked so relaxed compared to what other state occasions have looked like, I feel sure this is due to the love that explodes out of Harry and Meghan. Tonight they attend a celebration with a select 200 family and friends, I would just love to be a fly on the wall.

I am not sure why weddings make some people cry, I get very emotional especially when you see so much love between two people and I feel like I have missed out in ever finding my soul mate.

There were many faces in the guests that we all knew but one that really stands out for all the wrong reasons was Victoria Beckham, her dress was such a dark navy it looked almost black! Does that woman ever smile? David looked so happy, mixing and chatting with people such a shame she does not follow him.

I wish them both a future full of happiness and laughter and hopefully a few children lol.




A while ago I did a post about this company as I was so impressed with everything they were doing to help the environment, I know some people cannot do much but just one thing each will make a huge difference. I think most of us do the recycling as that is easy with all the different dustbins we have, if you do not have these then get on to your local council.

I am particularly concerned about the amount of plastic we chuck out and I know it comes down to the companies changing the way they package items. We bought so many things loose years ago why can’t we just go back to that and if we bought from greengrocer, butchers and the milkman think of the high streets we would save and the more jobs we would create.


I bought these cotton buds, they look the same as plastic ones, and you get 5% off your first order. If you actually think about how many of these are floating about in our oceans then please buy these and help the sea life to live.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 12.30.00

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 12.39.23

Thank you for your help x




Netgalley gave me this story to read for an honest review, Very pleased they did as this is really, really good. It keeps you locked in there trying to work out who is telling the truth and this continues about three-quarters of the way through then you get clarity of one thing but it still does not fit together. I was amazed at all that happened towards the end and I really do not think you will ever guess the twist. It is really hard to know what to say in this review as I don’t want to give anything away, it is just too good for that and I want you all to really appreciate it for what it is and that is a brilliant piece of writing. Tim Weaver is astounding in the way he writes, so much going on but so clear as well. I am positive that this will be another best seller.