After reading an excellent article about this author and her books I asked for this one for my birthday which my daughter bought me.  I have never had any contact or information about IVF so this book is very informative, in fact almost an information book.  There are many view points here so you get a good all round picture of what’s going on with everyone even the men involved which I thought was interesting as they are forgotten a bit I feel in all these procedures.  The character’s are all held together with the connection of IVF, I think I would have found this more interesting if I had a connection but as I didn’t it was all a bit clinical and dare I say boring in parts, the main story could happen a lot quicker I felt.

So, sorry but this was not for me but a definite read for anyone struggling to conceive or going through IVF.





How in sync are you with your friends?

Corinne:  I want to go to that place in Dover with the chalets!

Me:  You mean Little Switzerland in Folkestone!

Which is a camp site but also has a gorgeous little cafe where the views to France are spectacular.

I have no idea how I knew what she was talking about but we very often say the same things and finish of each others sentences.

Friends or spooky?





It is not often I get what is known as that light bulb moment when things just all fall into place in your mind and then you know what you have to do.  In this case I have got to say good-bye to someone I have known for a number of years but we are just going in different directions and no where are we on the same road anymore.  It is so much easier when you can see all this as there is no anger or upset, it is just a have a nice life.

Older and wiser is a lovely place to be, I just wish I had known so many things when younger but it just goes round and round no one listens to their elders, we all think we are right.  Sometimes life is so hard or is it that we make it hard for ourselves?

I am all for a happy, peaceful and content way of life now and if I am honest I am happier now on my own in my little flat and garden than I have ever been.  It is a great comfort that my three wonderful children and ten grandchildren all live within walking distance and are always there for me as I am for them.

I feel very proud of my kids as they have all grown and developed into lovely, intelligent warm adults so I think I did a good job even though I made so many mistakes with all of them, we have all learnt from them.

Love you all 💖 


I think it should be ‘Sundays are for you’ so they can be what ever you want them to be, I had such good ideas for today as there is so much going on in Folkestone at the moment.  I was going to take my camera down to sunny sands where they are having a sand castle competition and that is not just a couple of buckets with a flag on the top, that is my sort of sand castle, these are experts with diagrams, planning and just the right sort of consistency sand!  Then I would go up to the bandstand on the Leas where they are having the strongest man competition, muscles and testosterone everywhere, im not a fan of muscles myself think they are a bit over rated.  I was also going to catch up with Helen while I was there as I think I have been a very awful friend as not seen her for ages.  I would have lots of photos for future blogs and material for some good posts.

What have I done?  Read half a book,


research internet reading, blog reading…there are some great blogs out there now, looked at the weather and decided as it was cloudy today would be a good PJ day.  I don’t even have to cook dinner as I made Paella last night and I think I have made enough for all week.

So my Sunday has turned into a not very productive day really and I guess very lazy!  But boy am I chilled.  I have also been looking at hair colours and cuts as I am having a change on Friday and going for something along these lines.


I am really liking the idea of short at back and long at sides as it gets all hot and sticky at the back of your neck so I am forever just clipping it up so this cut solves that problem.  As for colour I need some of my original colour back and some honey blonde but I do not think that is going to be very easy to achieve now, will let you know on Friday unless I am hibernating until it looks better.

One more week here and then the children break up from school for the 6 week summer holiday, lots of days out together planned again, just need the weather to stay nice like it has been.

Have a great Sunday what ever you are doing and I will be back next week.




It was the lovely Lynda’s birthday lunch on Wednesday so we went over to her neck of the woods, Whitstable, luckily it was a Hungry Horse pub and we had a voucher for 33% of the main meals, what a bargain!  This pub is bigger than usual and also has a huge garden with a play area and many tables.  Service was excellent as usual with the food coming out altogether and hot, staff were so friendly and nice.


This was the last birthday meal for Lynda but she has got a trip on the Orient Express, a cruise and a couple of days in Oxfordshire to look forward to, I can’t wait till I have a special birthday if this is what you get.

As usual there was so much going on that we all forgot about the pics but I did get the desserts and lets face it they are the best bit.

The portion of chocolate fudge cake was amazing so I had to help Sylvie eat it!  I do not agree with waste lol.  As usual the lunch took about 4 hours but we had a cracking time.



I guess a lot of us amateur writers very seldom get any praise or even feedback from the stories we write for competitions or in this case the local anthology of stories from Folkestone writers.  BUT when we do you just have to sing it from the rooftops, well I do anyway.  So this is my latest comment that meant so much to me.

Hi Karen,                                                                                                                                      Having just re-read your short story in The Folkestone Anthology, I have to congratulate you on an impressive piece of writing.  Caroline Jew’s life seemed to be fraught with disasters, until a simple chain of events turned it around.

A story of changing fortunes. This uplifting tale, gently weaves its way through the Creative Quarter of Folkestone, of which you have intimate knowledge.

A story of two halves, very clever Karen.  I loved it xx📝❤l




So if you have not read it yet, then why not?  I have some books left for sale at £7.99 which I will even sign for you, they would make an excellent present for Christmas!

I have just finished my story for this year so lets hope my good run carries on.




I am afraid I am going to moan as I think some people need to know a few facts about posts, messages and emails.  If you get a message that says share you really do not have to!  Messages like don’t add Bill Smith as it will put a virus on your comp, there is no person called Bill Smith as it is just an old-fashioned chain letter and probably the clever ones will get your email address and then you get loads of spam mail.  People appear to just share with out reading…..what is the point of sharing about a lost dog, when after reading all the post the dog is in bloody America!

If you get links to log into things in your messages, DON”T it really is not worth it as it is probably a stupid joke or a virus hidden in the message.  If you are not sure about a post or what ever it is then delete it.  You can always check on Hoax Slayer, Snopes or even do a Google search it’s not difficult people!

There are so many fraudulent emails saying they are from your bank or paypal….delete DELETE don’t even waste your precious time reading them.

The other thing that many people are getting stung with is the phone call saying they will boost your connection on wi-fi or they will get rid of the virus that is circulating they are all hoax’s put the phone down immediately.

If your Granny has a comp then tell her about all these things as they are the ones that tend to get scammed.  The internet is a wonderful thing but you need a lesson on what not to do or say.

Please do not put your surname in your email address and never put your correct year of birth on anything!

For some this is all done without thinking about it but lets all help everyone to be more savvy.