What a lot of things happening in Folkestone this Autumn.

The Triennial is well under way and attracting lots of visitors, there are some amazing art objects scattered about, if you can find them all but there is a booklet to help you. Many more events are being put on around the town over the next few weeks.

Then in November we have the Book Festival, I have already booked my tickets for the events I want to attend.  If you have not booked yet then do not leave it too long as they are selling particularly fast this year.  Really looking forward to seeing Julie Wassmer again and asking about her new book that she has just finished.

I love some of these shows coming up at The Quarter House.

Many things to do round Folkestone and with the weather being nice at the moment it makes a pleasant stroll round looking at the wonderful art that is making an appearance in our town  I have also heard that our Banksy will soon be on show, no details where yet but obviously it will be inside a building so no one can de-face it, although why anybody would want to I have no idea.






Excellent story that keeps you gripped until the end, very talented author.  Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.  Loved the setting of the Marsh as it is very familiar for me as I used to live there, I find it gives you a sort of connection with the book when you know the areas that are written about.

A murder, a missing man and long ago romances, what a mixture but it works so well. With that much blood Liz Knight is dead but where is the body?  As DCI Craig Gillard is assigned to the case he keeps it quiet that he went out with her many years ago but has always held her close in his heart.  Can he do the job of not only finding her body but also who killed her and why?

Her husband Martin has gone missing and cannot be found even though they trace his credit card to France he outwits them every time.  When are the police going to get a break in this case and should DCI Gillard start a new romance at this time?

So many questions and that is only the beginning of this book, this will keep you guessing until the last chapter, with so many dead ends how is this going to end?  I really liked this and it is a definite page turner as I could not put it down, I needed match sticks for my eyes the next day.  Order you copy now from Amazon here.


I love random facts about places and loved this TV showing on the boat.

Jersey is just 45 square miles of beautiful country, I was surprised that it is only 14 miles from France so that explains the french connection as I did not remember that from visiting as a child. About 102,500 people live on the island, mostly around St.Helier the main part of the island, also where the harbour is located.  Property is expensive and renting must be out of reach for the young but I do not know what wages are like there.


The choice is vast for buying and thought the brochures were good and gets you away from looking on the internet all the time.


This is confusing, Jersey is part of Great Britain but not part of The United Kingdom, also not part of The European Union but is a part of the EEC.  You get that?

At the airport and harbour you can pick up free little guide books that have just about everything you would like to know about Jersey and all the things that are happening during the year.  Also every attraction on the island with directions to get there and prices, what a brilliant idea and I wish all places did things like this but it all comes down to cost as usual.  The cost of living is higher in Jersey, there are many new developments and hotels being built.

I was pleased to see the Jersey Festival Of Words 2017 but it was starting on the 27th September until October 1st so I would miss it.


So, that is my trip to Jersey all complete and my blog posts, hurray I hear some say lol.

Normal blog posts will begin today with a review of a fantastic book that is out today and set on Romney Marsh in Kent, where I used to live.  The Body In The Marsh by Nick Louth.




Did anyone get the answer to my question about what linked Corfu and Jersey?

The answer was Gerald Durrell who as a boy moved to Corfu with his mother and siblings, this was where his love of animals and their protection became so important to him.  He rescued and encouraged breeding of many animals on Corfu.  He had the dream of one day having his own zoo!

As he grew up and travelled the world he wrote many books about the animals he encountered, he was always concerned about the survival and conservation of animals throughout the world.

This zoo in Jersey was the best I had ever been to, the enclosures were large, you could get much closer, so many employees that were all willing to stop and talk about the animals in their care.  The big house looked so elegant, Gerald’s second wife still lives there and often has a walk round and also changes the personal bits in the cabinets about his life in The Gerald Durrell Story area.

The zoo has six keeper talks during the day about the various animals, there is also an education room and film room.


Another area I thought was a fantastic place to make a bit of money but did not take any looking after was the book return room, you can just drop off books to be put there.  I had a look and there were books from so many authors, there was a box and it cost £1 for a hardback and 50p for soft.  I found a couple of books about Italy so that was my contribution.  Good job I drove my car over there as my boot appears to be getting more bags in it.

So all I have left to show you are the many animals, I took a few pictures so hope you enjoy them.

Love all the colours in this photo below.

If you ever get to go to Jersey then this place is a must and the coffee there is good to.





Lovely reasonable cafe that does really good food.


This cafe had a super shop attached to it and the coffee was good.


I loved this beach, the sand was white and the sun warm on your face as you sat looking out to sea.  The Bay cafe was a favourite of mine with a coffee and cream tea for £3.50 nice big mug as well.

I tried two cream teas while in Jersey and found that both places did not use clotted cream, in fact I could not find any clotted cream in any of the shops.  I think the Jersey Black Butter was what people wanted instead, I have tried the fudge and like the taste so I will be experimenting with my jar of black butter I bought home.

There are many beaches in jersey and they are all beautiful in their own way.


If you want to see some brilliant displays of pearl jewelry then this is the place to go, I liked so many things.

It was nice to see a good selection of the rose gold as that is very popular at the moment, the mirrors on all the display counters was a brilliant idea as then you can see how the many necklaces look against your skin tone.  I was tempted by the tassel bracelets but ended up purchasing a ring as love the colours of the pearls, being stretchy you can wear it on any finger and it was a bargain price.  Nice bistro there so you can have a coffee and ponder over what to buy.  You can also pick your pearl from an oyster that is becoming very popular also.  I had a lovely time looking around at the many pieces and would have liked a good credit card lol.



I was really surprised to see a paper note for a pound and it was an old floppy note!  You instantly think oh! it’s not changed much here when you see the money.  You would be very mistaken though, I know it has been 50 years since I was last here and I know you remember things differently when a child.  St Helier has lost all the old hotels along the sea front, in fact they have claimed more land from the sea.  It is very built up but every building is different and not in-keeping with anything at all.  This is hear-say but there are a lot of back-handers and it is a very corrupt place!

Many shops have gone and so many shop on-line there are no big supermarkets though only a Waitrose and co-ops, every little town has a small shop that sells most things.  I was disappointed that The Mermaid pub had been changed into a nursing home as it was a gorgeous public house and I wanted to get a photo of myself sitting outside like the one I had of when I was a child.


There is a new multi screen cinema, I can remember going to this old one as a child, it was raining so we went to watch King Henry 8th and the film about all his wife’s.

I have taken lots of pictures so they will be on my website soon.  I had these two old postcards and tried to go back to the same places.


The hotel at bottom of hill has gone.  So we have a very different Jersey, it makes you a bit sad that so much history has disappeared but I guess that is change.  I liked that you only did 30 miles as the speed limit and most of the time that is all you needed to do.


The Airbnb I stayed in was lovely, the last day of my stay I was pretty shattered and ended up chatting to David and Sally, drinking coffee then sitting in their conservatory writing a blog about The Botanic Gardens, have you read that yet?  Wonderful place and highly recommended.  I did then think I should have mixed a bit more and gone down to their conservatory and on the last day I saw a chinese take away by their house!  I took a bottle wine to have a glass in the evenings but ended up bringing it home unopened, I was just so tired after being out during the day and I did spend a lot of time in coffee shops, the beach and generally just sitting admiring the views.


So I have been back, reminisced, felt sad but very glad I went and that is another thing I can cross of my list of things to-do.