I have just started this and really liking it, very different to my usual thrillers or romance and I think that is good.  Keeps your brain alert or in my case trying to lol.

Just what I needed for these cold winter afternoons with my softest blanket.

Have a great week and if you have snow then stay safe, all we have in Folkestone is heavy winds and rain.




This was a free book on offer from Amazon, it sounded a bit different so I got it.  Very pleased I did as really liked the story line about the two police detectives where one is autistic and the other is like a father figure trying to look after him by way of explaining to others his little habits which go a long way in solving crimes.  I feel it gives you an insight into how some people cope or I should say adapt and the response of others, I think we should all have a bit more understanding for some people.

While trying to solve the murder of sir James who was found with no limbs they step upon a new cancer treatment that is conducted underground.  Kidnapping and murder lead to beatings and even the arrival of the SAS it really keeps you turning the pages.

A lot going on but I found the way that Roper ( autistic man) uncovered the clues and his thought process amazing to read about so that made this a detective novel with a difference.

Yes there are some mistakes in the writing so needs proofreading maybe before re-publishing again but that did not take away the brilliance of the story for me.  Looking forward to reading the next book in this series and really hope Michael Leese keeps on writing.



I felt a bit sad writing this, another year over and twelve beautiful lunches with the best friends anyone could ever ask for.  Christmas lunch at BRICKFIELDS in Folkestone, the service was wonderful with our very own waitress, we even had the manager come and ask us if everything was ok at the end.  Then as there was nine of us we got two free bottles of Prosecco, which went down very well, felt a bit sorry for the drivers.

Prawn cocktails were very big, I had the brie and cranberry, then there was the mushrooms, all went down very well.  The main was of course the christmas dinner but many of us had the salmon and I must say it was really lovely.

Dessert was good, I tried the mince-pie cheesecake as never had that before and I liked it, the profiteroles are always a hit especially with Lynda and left on her own she has been known to eat ALL of them!  I will say no more.

As normal we had a lot of laughs and did our secret santa, I am still having trouble getting that right as I put the christmas card in mine so they knew it was me, maybe next year I will get it right!


Three bottles so we did well and it was very pleasant.  So that’s it for another year, looking forward to the next one and more fun times with THE LADIES THAT LUNCH.



I have been thinking about my camper and looking forward to getting away next year also looking at things I need and I absolutely love these mugs, glasses and plate set, I will have to save my penny’s and put them on my birthday list, yes I know its 6 months to wait. It’s good to plan though lol.


What a super pair of shoes for the christmas season, I love them and you can get them from good old Primark.  You can’t beat a bit of fluff!


Asda are doing some great things this year and it’s always best to look on-line as you get some bargains on things that are not in the shop.  I love these pyjamas, I always buy ones with a stretchy bottom as I find it so annoying when they ride up over your knee’s in bed.

Christmas jumpers for all the family are an essential item as not only do some schools have jumper day but when we as a family all go for breakfast with father christmas on xmas eve we all have to wear our jumpers and that sets us all up for christmas.

Asda again have a great selection for all the family.  I really like these ones as I get a bit hot so these are thinner.  They are very me.

Have you got all your presents?  I really don’t like wrapping and every year I say I will take my time and wrap them all nice with bows and ribbons….that lasts for about the first five I wrap.


I did have to treat myself to a christmas mug at £2 that was a bargain and will last for years.  I have no idea what happened to the one I did have but that’s ok as it was a bit green and I don’t like that colour.

When I was small we all used to have new dresses for christmas day but times change and all my lot appear to have new pyjamas on christmas eve and keep them on all the next day, unless they are going out which some of the older ones do in fact Izzy is working during the afternoon and doing the tea’s at the old people’s home.


I like some of these clothes and shoes, I never go out new years eve or at all really so sometimes I miss dressing up but then I remember how comfy pyjamas are, maybe I will get some sparkly pyjamas lol.





WOW 25 years, sometimes it’s hard to remember back when there were no mobiles.  The world is changing so much and not all good but I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

I must admit I do think our mobiles are good for letting people know you are ok or safe, or if you breakdown, I suppose for all emergency events.  I have got to admit it does get on my nerves if you are with someone and they have forever got their eyes on the phone as it bleeps or what ever noise you have it doing. Should I now tell you that I have got a christmas ring and text tone, just getting a bit of christmas spirit lol.

I love the way some of the old stuff is popular again now, such as record players and I am so pleased that I kept all my records. I like that we take loads more photos now and of course I could not do without my Ipad or Mac.  The coffee machines are great but I have now gone on to one that you put the coffee in yourself as all the pods and plastic are destroying our world, hurting the animals and just not decomposing.


We just use far too much plastic, we have to stop before it destroys so many things on our planet.  The picture above brings it all home how long things take to break down.

Microwaves are brilliant and washing machines are so much better than an old twin-tub.

What do you think are good inventions?

What could you do without?



I saw this on a tv station’s Facebook page and it got me dreaming, a bit like when you buy a lottery ticket and think about all the things you are going to do with your winning’s.

The private beach sounds good but I wonder how long you would be able to use it with our weather?  Loads of land for the kids to run about with their animals.  I dread to think what the heating bill would be and can you imagine cleaning all those windows and the housework, what a thought, not all dreaming is good.


It makes me dream of living in a huge house with my kids and grandchildren, not sure any of them would want to live with me though lol.


They are going to have to sell an awful lot of tickets, I would like to know who wins it and what they are going to do with it.  Be great if it was in a hot location but there I go dreaming again.

What a beautiful place to write, I don’t think you would ever run out of inspiration there and very good if you like solitude.

What are your lottery winning dreams?



Every so often you come across something on the internet that makes you ask why have I not seen this before so when that happens I really like to share these light bulb moments with you all.


We are always being told to buy locally as it would be such a shame if these business’s had to close.  I buy my shopping from Tesco once a month but only because they deliver it to me and I can get everything I need, they are very good at carrying the heavy stuff indoors for me, in fact they unload everything for me onto the breakfast bar.  Prices are good and very seldom do they not have what I have ordered.

My problem with this is that I cannot get my fresh foods every week but this Food Assembly really does solve the problem, just have to get someone to pick it up for me. How nice to have fresh vegetables, milk, cheese and juices all from local farms and you can pick it up all together in one place.  Ordering on-line is the way forward and until you do it you have no idea how simple it really is.  This Food Assembly which you can see here offers all you would need for your fresh foods weekly.

This initiative is open throughout Europe they are always looking for more places to join so if you have any ideas then please contact them.


So that is my contribution to shopping locally and if you are a vegetarian there are many foods for you on the Folkestone site.

Stay warm everyone.