Does it seem a really long time since I did the ladies that lunch outing coz it does to me. It was so good to all get together again and really pleased I made the effort to go. Corinne was not 100% and Liz had to work so we all missed them but I am sure we made just as much noise with all the laughing that went on. I also remembered to take pics of everything! Even some of the new picture display on the walls, I did say I would knock up a painting for them but the girls didn’t seem too keen lol.

The ambiance in this hotel is super and I really love the piano player in the corner for the back ground music. Lunch was the Wednesday special which is a bargain if you don’t have two bottles of wine!

I had the salmon pasta which was very nice but a bit strange with roast potatoes and vegetables, would be better with garlic bread or small salad. The vegetable stew was nice but you had to mix it in with rice as that was a bit cold. The tables always look lovely with sparkling glasses and cutlery. You also get fresh rolls and butter on the table.

A good time was had by all, I did mention to the waitress that a couple of us had bones in the salmon but she carried on smiling and laughing….I don’t think she heard me!  It did make us laugh though, “you have a bone, how wonderful ha ha”

A good selection for dessert, shame the cake had coconut on it as I do not like that so I had the ice-cream. The fruit looked good and was presented really well. Another brilliant get together for the ladies that lunch, we put the world to rights. The politicians got a roasting about why they are allowed to fall asleep, go on their phones, shout and argue and get away with it all in parliament….when anyone else would get the sack. Looking forward to next month already, you just cannot beat good friends for making you feel good and having your back.




During the winter they have been restoring the old railway station down at the harbour, what a brilliant job they have done so far. There is more work to do on some parts of the redevelopment but it all looks amazing, with many more little bistros opening.

I am sure this brings back a lot of memories for some people who had family going to war from this railway station.


The Harbour Arm has been busy since it re-opened after the winter, live music playing some days and ALL weekend, which attracts the crowds.

I have a question for the local people of Folkestone, why are some of the arches filled in at The harbour?


Last year they dredged the harbour so some of the water is really clear so you can see the bottom. Also we have another walk-way to The Arm that has been completed which you can see in the above picture.

I just love living near the sea, where is your ideal place to live?



What a super beer garden this pub has and big enough to cater for a few people.

I went for lunch at the weekend with Jodie, Izzy and Alfie and then we were joined by Kara and Reece. Having eaten here before we knew the food was good, I would say middle range in prices but the atmosphere and staff are lovely.

Alfie had his normal fish and chips, which was huge I might add and he ate it all. Izzy had the pizza but we did share some of that and then we had a cheese n pickle on brown bread. It was all tasty and very filling.

Two glasses of rosé and a lemonade £10.50  Fish & chips £12.50  Pizza £8.50  sandwich £8

If you like gin, which appears to be the ‘in’ drink here in the UK this year they even have their own pub gin menu!

A lovely day was had by all of us, then followed with a sit in the garden, how did you spend your weekend?




A lovely day down at The Fountains by the harbour at the weekend, just before the weather changed. Kara was looking after the twins and took them for a walk or I should say ride for them in the pushchair. They are growing up so quick and will be 2 in August, so very cute though, love them to bits.



Competition about to close so get sharing everybody and tell me you have in comments.


You could win a family ticket, 2 children & 2 adults to this show on the 30th April at The Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone and the book all about Sarah & Duck.

Please share this post and tell me in the comments that you have, how easy is that? A CBeebies popular show for children.

Good luck everybody.





The sun is still shining here and I have a few blog posts to write as I have been very bad, too much time spent outside in garden and out with family. It has been great though and it makes you realise again how much you love your garden, seeing your plants and bulbs coming up and then remembering planting them, or not as occasionally I see something growing and have no idea what it is or how it got there. Do you find that?

I have been doing some reading but that has gone a bit slow because the last two books I have had trouble getting into, I do feel so bad when that happens but have to keep telling myself that you cannot like everything.

I have some places in Folkestone to visit for reviews, I love seeing new businesses open and encouraging the customers in.

I also hurt my back so that has slowed me down in everything but it is much better but I have to remember not to bend or pick up anything.

Very disappointed in the response to my competition, so will do one more post and make it very easy to enter. I know the pre-school children would like the show.




It’s finally time. After much anticipation, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been admitted to the hospital to give birth to royal baby number three with her husband Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London earlier this morning in the early stages…

via Kate Middleton Has Been Admitted to Hospital to Deliver Royal Baby No. 3 — TIME

So, the baby is on its way, personally I hope it will be a boy and that him and George have a close bond as I think that has helped William and Harry through their lives.

I do feel a bit sorry for anyone else attending that hospital or visiting as the area will be rammed with paparazzi. I wish her a quick birth so she can get home and relax.