Highly amusing short story that we probably could all relate to about sending the wrong text message to the wrong person. It can have awful results but this is not helped by a death and controlling men.

At least she comes to her senses and all is ok by the end. Entertaining for a snowy afternoon.


A short story that has a lot going on to keep you entertained, you can just about work out what is going on very early in the story but it does not take away the fun in reading it. For Simon to lose his sister and to then find out she was leading a double life comes as a huge shock but there is worse to come and that is the best bit at the end.

Another good story by Morgen.


This was a very different idea but it worked really well and kept you guessing trying to work out what was truth or a lie. A few characters and I would have preferred a book so I could go back and look to see who was who as I did get a bit confused towards the end but I am sure that is just me, I have the memory of an ant, no lie. You can see the doubts beginning to surface but it takes until nearly the end to put it all in place and there are some shocks in there. Will Susan discover the truth and who is trying to scare her away? Is she trusting the right people or just falling into what ever they want, who ever they are? I read this very quick as it kept me engrossed trying to work it all out. Good 5 stars from myself and one to recommend.


Another brilliant detective story that drags you in so you have to keep reading. I think this will be a great series as all the characters work well together, also there is an underlying issue that will follow on to the next book. A race against time to save a young girl but will they find her in time? A bit of a surprise at the end will make this a great read, well done Rachel I loved this story and will look forward to the next one.




We celebrated Mother’s Day Saturday evening as Kara took Jodie and myself out for dinner, that’s two dinners she has treated me to this week, thank you Kara x


As usual the food was nice but so much of it so we couldn’t finish it all. We both received a free prosecco and our desserts were free so it was well worth it. I had the scampi, Jodie had chicken skewers with lemon and garlic sauce then Kara had the cumberland sausage which was well done but she still ate it.

It was a hard choice with the desserts as they are all really nice on their menu at the moment. So I had the ice cream and Jodie had the mousse sponge.

Jodie amazes me with any presents she buys me as they are so unusual, in fact some I have never seen before, she excelled this time. It was an adult painting by numbers and the picture is the Eiffel Tower in Paris so it will look so good on my bedroom wall.

I was a bit spoilt as I also got a poster with 100 books and you scratch off the ones you have read, it is the same as the countries one she got me where you scratch off the places you have been. They will look so good on the wall together.


Jodie works in a primary school so when ever she makes things with the children the one that she makes to show them she always gives to me, it’s so sweet, like she is still at school bringing home her artistic efforts.

The candle smells gorgeous I have it on as I am writing this post and I love the lip scrub.

So that was my weekend, I didn’t do anything Sunday apart from read a book, I felt really tired all day and just thought it was because I had done too much in the week but today I have a cold and a husky voice so it is a pj day. The weather is so changeable at the moment, yesterday it was sunny so I turned the heating down then today it has been raining all day and a bit chilly so the heating went back up a bit.

How was your weekend?



This is a special Mother’s Day post.

Sam poem

The above poem my son Sam did for me when he was about ten and I have treasured it. It is so nice when you go through an old box and find the treasures that you have saved.


The following poems are from a very talented lady Ananya Haldar who lives in America, I have posted about one of her poems before so I asked her if she would kindly do some for today and luckily she said yes. Thank you Ananya.
“For the Best Mum”
Mum, I struggle to find the words to say what I want to express to you today.
I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs,
You’ve heard me laugh
and you’ve seen me frown.
Through it all you’re always there
showing me how much you care.
I think of sacrifices you made
and I hope you’re proud
of the child you raised.
I want to make sure that you knew
I know it wasn’t easy for you.
I love you, Mum,
Happy Mother’s Day to you!
Ananya Haldar 2018
That was my favourite one.
“A Sophisticated Woman”
She’s a sophisticated woman
who uses credit cards,
throws charity balls
and attends seminars.
She faithfully lectures
at the university and
writes letters to her MP.
She’s admired for great achievements
while caring for three children,
having dinner on the table
each evening at six.
In the office at seven
for a conference call,
and does all she is able.
Who is there to see that
though they call her “Auntie,”
She is actually the neighbour
who was there when Mum died?
She saw a need and
does what she can
to help them along.
Happy Mother’s Day to a mum –
who didn’t have to be one!
Ananya Haldar 2018
“Small Wishes”
I know how you wanted
to keep me there
but you let me go
for that was my choice.
You asked how long
I would be gone
the last time I
heard your voice.
Holidays are celebrated
while I’m away,
Seasons pass and
still I stay.
I have goals, Mum,
I have plans
but my wish for now
is to take your hand;
to eat together
and feel your touch
and to walk together
would mean so much.
I’m coming home, Mum
Please welcome your son
My absence is grievous,
and I cling to small wishes.
Ananya Haldar 2018
This poem is one of mine, seeing all these wonderful words has made me think of many more so that is what I will be doing this afternoon.



I really hope you enjoyed reading these words, have a wonderful day everyone.





Sometimes we all get carried away in our own little world, which is easily done as I for one have so many things buzzing round in my head and I do believe my lists need a list. I was in Folkestone the other day and we walked past this new mural, stopping to take notice of all the detail and the hours that it took someone to paint, to make our town a prettier place. I really love it and if I knew who had painted it I would give them credit for it. I just hope the seagulls respect it.

Up date: The artist is Leigh Mulley.

Just in case you have forgotten that it is Mother’s Day tomorrow nip to the shop and get the ingredients for this cocktail and cake and you will be the super child and if there is anything you need to tell her do it after the drink and cake! I am going out to dinner tonight with my eldest daughter and granddaughter for my Mother’s Day celebration so I am a happy mum. We also get a free drink and free dessert, so even happier.


Sometimes you come into contact with people who not only put a smile on your face but do something that is incredibly kind. Today Rachel Dove put a post on Facebook that she had finished reading the above book, I did comment to say that I was on the lookout for it in the charity shops. Rachel then replied that she would send me her hardback version in the post on Monday and all she would ask is that I review it for Jo Jo Moyes. This kind act will have me smiling for the next few days and I really cannot wait to read this book.

I will have to read all day tomorrow to finish this one, which again is very good. I am having a run of good books at the moment which is great.


Have a wonderful evening everyone what ever you are doing and I will be back tomorrow with a post about the meal tonight and the prosecco!