I have been writing this blog for almost a month and yes, I can read my stats but I have nothing to compare it with so I am hoping my fellow bloggers could give me a little feedback. I think I am doing well and enjoying every moment from writing and most of all reading the great blogs that I am now following. I do try to read all of them most days but forgive me if I miss one occasionally.

Yesterday appeared to be my best day with 44 views, I have 50 followers and I think that is wonderful that people want to read what Nanny_ cool has to say.

To see how many people in different countries are reading, I find amazing and would like to say a big thank you to all of you and may you keep on reading the ups and lows of Nanny_cool xx

20130303-012055 PM.jpg


  1. I agree that is good going. It took me a few months to hit 50 followers. As a basic rule I find that the more blogs I follow and/or comment on, the more followers I get, so that is one way to increase followers quickly.


  2. yep your doing good 🙂 infact more than good. 50 followers in a month is highly impressive, it took me mths to get that amount, well done. x


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