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Could the cat get any closer to me while I am doing the writing, I keep telling her, I am a professional now and cannot play and stroke as much as I used to. Do not think she is understanding this as I keep getting nudged and licked.

As you know, well you do if you read previous blog, today is a writing day and was so immersed in what I was writing that the ideas for more stories were tumbling into my head. I had to get these down on paper, reading them back I think I might of had a brain storm lol. Nanny Cool has become very popular so I have decided to write the books all about her adventures and catastrophes of her life. We have had a few of them, most very funny after the event but I often wonder why does it always happen to me?

So, you are the first to know. The first book is about a holiday and the events that happen there. There will also be a book about selling up and buying a bar in Spain, yes, I really did that. The rest you will have to wait and read, that’s hoping someone wants to publish them. I am sure they will, who can resist Nanny Cool x

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