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How simple are these to make with the children, you can pick your colours. Just use a simple cookie dough mixture to make them. The grass is shredded coconut dyed green. If you do not want to use food colouring for all of it then some red fruit, black current or cordial can all be used.

There are some novelty biscuit cutters in the shape of eggs, bunny's, basket's and chick's which are good easy for the children to use. Icing can be bought in tubes now so it's easy to use and such a variety of colour's. if you wanted to do an Easter scene, purchase or make a Swiss roll and cover in chocolate icing so it looks like a log and position the chick's and bunnies on it or behind it, peeping over the top. Cover a plate with the green dyed coconut and you have the grass.

The children will love it, almost as much as the Easter Eggs! X

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