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Who remembers this? It is very hard to believe that TV finished about midnight and all you got then was a horrible noise, I think they said “please do not forget to turn your television off”. What did people do if they could not sleep? I guess read a book or magazine, not that there was a huge choice in magazines either. I can remember never liking Sunday evening’s as Songs of Praise was on, I did not like that. My very first job, well not really a job as I did not get paid for it but I still loved it, every Saturday afternoon I worked in the children’s library, it was separate then. I loved looking through all the books and putting them back on the shelves all in alphabetical order, what my highlight of the afternoon was if I got to stamp the books out when children borrowed them. I felt so grown up. We were allowed 3 books out a week and I always read all of mine, even then, once I had started a book I could not put it down.

People always say that school is the best time of your lives but you never believed them. I came across this next picture and the memory’s came tumbling back, I could not only do two balls up on the wall but three. Juggling then became easy once you could do that. I so wished I had written the songs down that we used to sing as we used to drop a ball or turn round all while we were throwing the balls up against the wall. Shouting from inside the house became normal as it made an awful noise constantly banging the balls up against the wall. I was then sent down the garden to do it on the garage wall, I would not annoy anyone down there.

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Two of my granddaughters were doing Cats Cradle the other day and they were amazed that I new how to do it! I really do not like it when they say “we’re you alive in the war, Nanny?”

Have a good weekend people. X

11 thoughts on “HISTORY

      • It’s lurking somewhere.

        I’m happy to stay with you on this one and work through it step by step if you want.

        It is possible that my instructions are duff. They seem ok to me but perhaps there’s something in there that could be better explained.

        Are you able to find ‘Library’ (under ‘Media’ on your ‘Dashboard’?).


  1. I remember being young and still awake, the National Anthem started to play on the TV, then the screen went black. That really freaked me out! Not like now where you can watch TV 24/7, whether it be gambling shows or shopping channels. I loved Teletext with its relaxing music. I’m 34 and I feel old all the time. One of my team members is 22, so I notice the age difference when we talk about culture! Hope you’re having a great weekend x


  2. Ahhh your hi tech I’m impressed 😉 my hormones don’t like touchscreens I like my old laptop that needs a generator to boot it up lol ….if I had to blog on this I would never manage !


  3. At least your not sat in bed trying to use a piddly Samsung tab and the keyboard has a mind of it’s own ! I’m scared to press reply on it…


  4. Lol I am now convinced your my long lost never known sister ! I just drafted a blog about my childhoodband sesrched for that bloodiest card pic and found it ! lol it’s uncanny the way we both think ;)?


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