Maybe you like me just thought that today was Wednesday 20th March 2013 well read on and all will be revealed.

20130320-071917 PM.jpg

So today is the first day of Spring, it really does not feel like it, the garden does not look like it as the bulbs do not think it is Spring either. We now have longer hours of light and less of night for a while, then on the 21st June we have the longest day. It is just a shame we have no sunshine or warmth to go with this.

20130320-072636 PM.jpg

Today is also International Day of Happiness, it is amazing what you find out on line. I hope you have all had a very happy day and spread some happiness around.

There appears to be a lot of these name days and it is just luck if you know about them. All I want is to see the sun as I am sure everybody is happier in the summer.

20130320-073513 PM.jpg


8 thoughts on “WHAT IS TODAY?

  1. Although I have been for a walk along the beach, and it is a lot brighter than yesterday, temperature seems to have increased a couple of degrees, lets keep hoping……


  2. I hadn’t even realised it was spring yet, this weather’s been so weird. Spring is my favourite season: not too warm, baby animals being born and there’s a nice feeling in the air 🙂


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