What a weekend, I am going to need at least the week to get over it. My friend came down to stay on Friday, I do not get the chance to see her very often due to work and her children, so it was a pleasant surprise. Friday night was catch up on all the news night, putting the world to right’s and girly chatting till gone midnight.

Saturday we went into Canterbury to do what girls do best, yes shopping, outfits for Saturday night out and new make-up. The first shop we went into my friend tried a trainer on but did not like it. You will find out soon why I mention this fact. It was a good three hours we were walking about and having coffee. It did take a while to drink the hot chocolate and eat the cookie in one place as I have never seen such a large cup, it was actually heavy to hold and then the size of the biscuit was enormous.

20130324-095427 PM.jpg

Having decided what we were going to go back and try on, we headed to the shop, for some reason my friend looked down at her feet. She had boot’s and jean’s on, with the jean’s tucked in the boot’s. Well, you remember she tried on the trainer? She had been walking round all the shops with one jean tucked in and the other out! I have never laughed so much, I was crying.

20130324-091425 PM.jpg

Saturday night we met my two daughter’s and a friend and hit the town, it was surprising how many people were out as the wind was bitter. Of course, once you start drinking all common sense goes out of the window, why is that? Why do you not remember how bad you are going to feel the next day or in my case a few day’s, think that is an age thing. Bar’s, club and then back to mine until five thirty in the morning!

Photo’s were deleted this morning, did we actually take that many and videos. Today has been spent on the sofa watching film’s quietly dying, that has been happening in all three household’s. As my friend left I did say “I am so glad you do not live closer”. It was so good to catch up and have some fun though so I thank her very much. 🍹

Just a change of subject now and a hello to my follower’s in Greece. Today is Greek Independence Day there, so is a holiday today and tomorrow. The Metro Station and public transport are all closed, due to the students’ and Military Parades celebrating these day’s. 🎉

I am now going to bid you all good night, hope you all had a good weekend, only a short week to look forward to as it will be Easter next weekend. There will be no alcohol in the celebration’s here!

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