As I have been laying about all day with the dreaded sick bug, it has given me time to look through the blog and look at numbers and I have got to say how really pleased I am. (Excited actually)

I started Nanny Cool about the 9th February 2013

I have had 1,074 views

I have 85 followers from 26 country’s!

How cool is that? I guess I must be doing something right. It is very frustrating being ill as you end up with so many stories and post’s going through your head but you feel too ill to write them all down.

I also have 158 Twitter follower’s which is amazing as I have never used twitter before and did not really know what I was doing!

So it is all thank to all you reader’s, hope I can keep pleasing you and thank you for your support.

Nanny Cool x

20130401-093923 PM.jpg

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