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St George’s Day, how many people will actually know that it is today? Yes, if they have social media sites but apart from that I do not think many do. I said to a group of children yesterday what today was and the replies were “oh! right” “ok” and more along the same lines. The only time people buy the flags and have them hanging everywhere from their house to their cars is when the England football team are doing well and playing in a World Cup or similar. Does this mean that we are not patriotic? No, I do not think so, most of us like the royal family and all things British. I just think we maybe think about the day if we remember but it is just a day, like any other day and we all have to go to work. Maybe if it was a holiday we would celebrate it, I am sure everyone would vote for a holiday and enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “ST GEORGES DAY

  1. Hello! First visit to your blog and I really like it. As a Brit I felt compelled to comment on this post – we are definitely patriotic as a nation, look at the Royal Wedding and the Olympics, but I do think that our National Day has got a bit lost along the way. Perhaps, as you say, if we had a holiday then we would all celebrate it, but as the younger generations grow up, I kind of feel like some of the meaning has got lost.


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