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Creative writing group is going well but not in the way I was expecting, we are still writing our play and improving it every week with stage direction and characters profiles. I can see it is another way of writing and guess it improves our wording and flowing of a story. The two hours go extremely quickly and next week is last week of play writing. So looking forward to what ever is next.

I had a lovely afternoon visiting a friend and catching up with her news, I always feel strange going there as the house I used to live in when the children were little is next door to her. I saw today that they have put a large conservatory on the back which does look very good and it was the next thing that I was going to do there if I had not of moved. My friend makes the best Victoria sandwich so that went down a treat with a nice cup of tea. Thanks Sylvie x. She also read my blog everyday.

I am happy where I live now and cannot see me moving again as it really feels like home and the garden is just the right size and my grandchildren are close enough to walk to see me. Tomorrow I have babysitting duties so I am staying at my daughters tonight as she is going to help in school from 9 to 3. By 4.00 I will be home and I intend staying indoors all weekend, hopefully sitting in the garden in a bit of sunshine would be good as my arthritis is really painful at the moment and i am finding it hard to do anything with my left arm.

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4 thoughts on “WRITING CLASS

  1. Sitting in the garden in the sun sounds good – as does your friend’s sponge cake! Can’t wait to hear the next part of your Creative Writing course and where it takes you.! 🙂


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