I would like to make this post about one of my good friends Jackie, we have known one another for a number of years as we used to work together in an infants school when our children were small. We have always got on well and managed to have a laugh over a number of things during this time. We meet up now about once a month with some other friends for lunch and a few wines and lots of laughs.

20130427-092300 PM.jpg

As you all know I am a grandmother to six children ranging from fifteen to one and they just make my life complete. There are no words to describe the deep joy that grandchildren bring you when they enter your life. Tears of happiness when they are born, I was lucky enough to be with my two daughters when they each had their first baby and that is just so amazing, seeing your daughter give birth to a daughter. You may forget the feelings when you have a child if your under the influence of gas and air but you never forget the moment you see your grandchild. Over the years as they grow there are numerous occasions that bring you tears of joy and happiness.

Today I would like to welcome Jackie to the grandparents club, she is now the proud Nanny to Annelise who arrived this morning weighing in at 7lb 4oz. What a little stunner! Congratulations Jackie. xx

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