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You all know how much my family and especially my six grandchildren mean to me, they fill my life with such happiness and love constantly. My two daughters lead such busy lives what with the normal family routines and schedules, they both also help out at the school and go to collage to do their Teaching Support Course.

My eldest daughter has four children ranging from fifteen to five and they are all at school and doing well. She also helps out at the local youth club and does cooking with the children on a Friday evening.

My other daughter has worked a lot as her eldest child is eleven and spends a lot of her time at the horse stables and riding. Last year she had another child and she was a year old last month, so a pretty big gap but they have all adapted and are so happy. This is where the congratulations comes in as we have just found out there is to be another addition to the family in November! Seven grandchildren, more love and happiness spreading through our family. I cannot wait, babies are so adorable and cute.


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