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Another day, another week, why is it the older you get the faster the time seems to go? I heard my granddaughter talking about her Christmas list, we are not even half way through the year yet. Mind you the weather still feels like its winter here, rain and gales predicted for the rest of the week. I had a lovely letter this morning from Izzy so I will have to reply to that this week, she wrote it with her new fountain pen that I got for her. Made me remember school as we had to use fountain pens in secondary school, I do not think they do that these days which is a shame but I guess a lot is completed on computers now.

I saw a post on my FaceBook this morning about a writing course holiday in Wales, it looks very interesting. You can do two courses and then lectures in the evening with a site seeing afternoon. All your food is included, I think I will enquire about it and see if there are places left. Hopefully by the end of July the weather will be better for seeing the sites of Wales.

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I have had some ideas for some short stories today so I need to get them written down before I go to sleep or they will be lost in the recesses of my brain. Xx

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