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I have another granddaughter staying with me tonight, this is Izzy the bookworm who also likes writing. As her sister did a blog about her cooking Izzy has decided to do one about her writing and the things she likes. I hope you will all take a look as she gets going, I think her writing is very good for 10 years old but I might be biased.

I am getting very tired after my busy week so it is going to be a relaxing weekend hopefully sitting in the garden writing, as I seem to be bursting with ideas as not written anything this week. Good job the children go back to school Monday, not sure what I am going to do during the school summer holidays. Think I will have to set some days for writing and some for playing lol

I saw today that there is a Mind Body & Soul exhibition at Olympia in October so my friend and I are going to have a trip up to London on the train to see that as they are very good.

I wish there were some book or writing festivals happening here in the south east of England as we do not seem to get anything like that. Maybe some authors could do some talks here as that would be good to. Not even a writing group here but at least I have the Creative writing class and apparently they run about 3 a year so that’s good.

Have a Good Friday friends xx

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