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Young and old gathered today to see the Red Arrows demonstration, I was lucky enough to see it all from my garden. Some of them seem so close and loud as they fly over.

20130608-113756 PM.jpg

My granddaughters were very impressed by the hearts they formed in the sky. What a clear sky we had and lots of sunshine, bit of a wind blowing on the sea front but my garden was sheltered and lovely.

20130608-113849 PM.jpg

20130608-113907 PM.jpg

Kara popped round tonight and we watched Britain’s Got Talent and the winners were very talented and deserved to win. It was a shame one act was spoilt by a woman throwing eggs at Simon Cowell but was a bit funny and I did laugh at some of the egg jokes that appeared on Twitter instantly. Lol

One thought on “RED ARROWS

  1. I’d forgotten about the egg woman because I’m playing catch up! I wasn’t watching it bit I saw loads of stuff on Twitter so I ended up finding the clip on YouTube fairly soon after it happened. I remember seeing display teams like the Red Arrows when I was younger, usually at some event for a Bank Holiday. It was great that they had such lovely weather for it 🙂


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