20130616-064133 PM.jpg

What a busy day, we had a trip to the shops and all four children wanted to come and buy Fathers Day presents as they are doing Fathers Day next Sunday when Mum and Dad are back. I wanted to go into WH Smiths and get my writing magazines and ended up getting all the children a magazine £25 later lol. Was good when we got home though as they all sat reading, how peaceful that was.

The Owls from the sanctuary were all up town so we stopped and had a look at them.

20130616-064936 PM.jpg

I love the look on Alfie’s face as he looks out the corner of his eye at the owl.

20130616-065024 PM.jpg

Have you all had a good Fathers Day? It must be hard for the ones that have lost their Dads but the memories are there for ever. xx

Kara helped me cook a nice roast then bath time and hair wash, story time and bed. I think I may go to bed too. Lol Good day was had by all. X

20130616-065407 PM.jpg

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