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Two of my grandchildren have started their own blogs so I thought I would just let you all know in case you wanted to have a read. I think they are very good but I am a bit biased! Lol

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I must admit I am glad tomorrow is Friday as I am very tired, wanted to get some writing done today but Izzy had bad ear ache and headache so we went to the doctors and now we are putting drops in, he gave her Olive Oil and I immediately thought of my Nan as that was what she put in mine years ago. Must be going back to the old fashioned remedies, I think a lot of those worked very well, some being more natural than medicines of today.

I will finish of tonight with a poem I wrote in class, we then had to think about it at home and re-write the poem or just alter it. I think you will guess what it is? Have a nice evening xx

A Thing I Like
Poem 1

It bursts into life
Bright and flashing
Asking who I am
We sit and share
Fingers darting
Here and there
Complete at last
Saved and ready to share
The lid goes down
Gone for now
Silence is all around

It is smooth to touch, a bit heavy, it looks nice, all shiny, it holds my life, it keeps my secrets and dreams, I would be lost without it, I take it wherever I go, I don’t like anyone touching it, I love it.

Poem 2

Shiny and polished
Looking like new
You belong to me
For eternity
My secrets and dreams
You hold within
I keep you close
Never letting you go
Mine to love
Forever to hold

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5 thoughts on “NANNY/MUM THURSDAY

    • Thank you Jenny, I never feel that they are any good but there are no set lines to follow so I guess every interpretation is different. I enjoy writing them and they just seem to pop in my head and then I write them down. Lol xx


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