20130623-082517 PM.jpg

Well today is the biggest moon but we will not see it here as there is far too much cloud cover! That is the British weather for you, ruins everything.

I am back home, been relaxing most of the day, then this evening Billie dropped the baby round as she had to go to the hospital to get antibiotics so I was babysitting once more. All ok now and she has gone home, the lounge looks like a tornado went through it! Lol

Jodie and Darren arrived back this morning and woke their children up, was lovely seeing their faces. This picture makes it all worthwhile as I think it is so lovely. No more holidays for a few years though lol

20130623-083149 PM.jpg

2 thoughts on “NANNY COOL/SUNDAY

  1. I live in Toronto Canada, the moon last night looked more than spectacular. The colour and brightness, not to mention the size, was beyond beautiful. I stood outside for a long time just staring at it. It was so peaceful and relaxing. The pictures I took did it no justice at all.
    Glad you’re back to solitude, hahahaha. The best thing about babysitting, the kids get to go home or we get to go home. hahaha 😀


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