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Well, what can I say! About time we had some decent weather. The barbecue will be cooking dinner tomorrow, strawberries from the garden and a couple of glasses of wine…….heaven!

This evening I took my granddaughter Kara to watch some short plays as one of them was written by one of my creative writing class students. There were ten plays and a group of ten actors, they did an amazing show, each play being very different from the others. It was also very well attended as some people had to stand but it was so worth it. The script writing was very good as they got a lot of dialect into such a short space of time. Kara enjoyed it, not sure if it was the plays or one of the actors though that she was interested in! Lol

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International Kissing Day
Do we need an excuse to kiss? The English are not really kissers, not like Europeans who kiss each cheek in greeting and departing. Apart from the “Honeymoon” period, it is down to a quick kiss goodbye and if your lucky a kiss hello, that’s if you got the time between cooking, bathing kids, checking homework and squeezing in eating. I want to live in Europe!

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Pucker up folks, how many can you kiss in a day?

7 thoughts on “CULTURAL EVENING

  1. I am glad you are enjoying the weather. It is a little hot for me, so I will be sitting in front of a fan, sipping water and watching Wimbledon. That’s about all I can manage in this heat


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