I feel very honored accepting these awards and would like to thank my fellow blogger Michael at       Also all my fellow bloggers, fans and friends of Nanny Cool as without you all, there would be no reason to keep writing.

Three awards in one - ninth award

I would like to nominate for this award as they always have good comments so therefore starting a conversation.


With this award I have to list words or phrases about myself or blog from every letter in the alphabet.  I would like to pass this award on to again we chat in comments and you should go and read their blog.

A  Awesome blog lol

B  Bags, you can never have too many

C  Cool that’s me!

D  Diary 

E  Escape in the stories

F  Free reading

G  Good friends and family

H  Happy Nanny

I  Incredible, ha ha that’s me!

J  Job for life, writing

K  Karen

L  Love

M  Mum

N  Nanny

O  Olives, love them

P  Presents, I would like more, please

Q  Queen, wonder what she would think of my blog?

R  Reading

S  Stories

T  Time now for writing

U  Umbrella, in case of rain lol

V  Vision

W  Writing

X  Xxxx kissing

Y  Your friends

Z  Zzzz sleeping


I would like to award this one to Your posts are so different and you have taken the time to encourage me in my writing, you are a very special lady x


I think this lady deserves this award and I encourage people to read her blog.


You have read my blog for a while, you always are so happy in your comments so you deserve this award.


I have to give you 7 interesting facts about myself!  Not sure they are that interesting

1. My bar I had in Spain was called Izzys.

2. I have duel nationality with Australia/UK

3. I have an extra rib one side.

4. My first job was a dental nurse.

5. My last job will be a writer.

6. I am ambidextrous.

7. I am easily upset.

This one I would like to award to as she has so many ideas for lots of different recipes that will keep us in cakes for years.

wonderful-readership-award - headWonderful Team Member Award

This great sunshine is awarded to I love your comments and appreciate your support.

This award goes to  I am sure you will have many good moments with your blogging.

That is just about it, thank goodness I can hear you saying.  Enjoy and if I did not mention you then I will try to next time. x


8 thoughts on “AWARDS

  1. So many awards… I have received some awards myself but I only add them to my extra pages to thank those that think my Space worthy of such fine accolades, though in truth I never follow awards around our blogosphere, I never have but for those that do, then this is absolutley alright 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of evening Nanny Cool and thank you for accepting my invite, of which you may comment on amything that you find to your taste 🙂 Be well my new friend 🙂

    Andro xx


      • Yes they do take a lot of time if every rule is observed, but I am sure that your take on the rules are acceptable, and if not the that is just hard lines I guess? 🙂

        I am joking by the way… The awards are always welcomed as it is a very nice gesture from fellow bloggers on how much they enjoy our Spaces 🙂

        Andro xx


          • When one receives these awards it is something to be very happy about as it shows that peeps are not only reading your postings, but that they are enjoying what you write and that is a wonderful feeling 🙂

            We all have a place in our blogosphere, whether it be writing, drawing, painting, photography and of many more delightful themes, and it is this fine variety that I have come to like about WordPress. I have been here for about three years now since migrating from windows Live Spaces but my Space is quite new, being that I deleted the last one.

            Do keep adding to your Space and enjoy the friendships that are forged here, there are some truly brilliant peeps around WordPress with so much to offer 🙂

            Andro xx


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