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How much do we rely on technology? Do we realise how much or just use everything automatically and it is not until something goes wrong that we then feel lost and realise exactly how much we use it and want it. Does it rule our lives or do you set limits for Internet usage? If you have always had it, how does it feel to have it taken away? Everything in our lives has some connection to the Internet, could we go back to how we did it before? Would we want to? I guess everything moves forwards and develops and we just forget how it was before as now it’s quicker and easier. I was without a phone for a day and felt like my right arm had been cut off lol. It was not only the phone and not being able to get in touch with people but I went to use a map and that’s on my phone and then I wanted to call someone but did not know any numbers as they are all in my phone. I missed my eBay bargain and don’t get me started about FaceBook and Twitter, could I do without it? No, I live my life by the Internet as blogging and keeping up to date with books and my writing is what I do everyday.

On a good note at least the sun is still shining!

3 thoughts on “LOST

  1. I have a W7 computer, a W8 laptop and of course a mobile phone but I never use that on the Internet. What a nightmare losing your phone 😦 I would hate being without mine as it would be hopeless in this day and age 😦 Yes Nanny Cool we do need our technology and the more we have the more we crave 🙂 Now don’t be losing your phone again, or else? 🙂 lmao

    Andro xxx


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