What an amazing day! Nanny Cool WILL be writing her book now and getting it published because now I have learnt how to publish your own books and sell them yourself even having an ISBN number.

20130730-074959 PM.jpg
Should I be telling you about this? Lol. I could start teaching people how to do it! I honestly think a very basic knowledge of computers is all you really need as you are already writing on Word or equivalent so your halfway there. The number of people publishing their own books goes up by about 2 every five minutes. How wonderful is this, they will also upload it to Amazon so people can buy it there as well.

I have met some wonderful people here and it’s only Tuesday, early night for me though as your brain never shuts off. What brain? I can hear my grandchildren saying lol.

I was talking to this lovely lady called Sarah, I think she looks like the queen.

20130730-075543 PM.jpg

Will be back tomorrow with more news xx

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