One of my best friends Sylvie that I have known for years came over to see me today, it was lovely to sit and chat….never a silent moment as we always have something to talk about. They have opened a new pub in Folkestone under the Hungry Horse chain, very impressive and been renovated to a brilliant standard. So we had a lovely lunch and a dessert that I will defiantly be having again. Just as we had finished my daughter and her four children joined us and we sat outside in the lovely sunshine while they played on the new equipment.

Tonight I have acquired three children, one more to come in the morning as their Mum starts work tomorrow. Bit earlier to bed each night to get them in the swing of getting up early on Thursday for the new term at school.

My cat appears to have a friend but they do not play or fight they just lay there looking at each other and the other cat keeps trying to come indoors. It is not getting the message that I do not want it inside, so glad I never put a cat flap in as it would just be in all the time.

20130902-101607 PM.jpg
How’s that for a rainbow?

5 thoughts on “FRIENDS

  1. Here there are lots of cats, always hanging around in my garden lounging away doing nothing but like yours, no fighting, just lazy and taking in the rays 🙂 You are right about the cat flap, those cats are opportunists and will be lounging on your bed, never mind hunting down a good meal 🙂

    In hindsight, being that I am reading your posts backwards the
    meal was delicious and the dessert, well desserts are always yum…

    Have a lovely rest of Wednesday NC 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  2. We had a great time, didn’t we!!! Great company and great food, really love what they’ve done to the old pub, a wonderful family friendly place. So needed the break..lets not leave it so long before we do it again!!! xxxx


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