Recipe 47: Cappuccino Cake

I just had to re blog this, I love coffee cake and will definitely be making this. Lots of lovely recipes on this blog. Xx

pass the mixing bowl

So I’ve only been home about 14 hours and I’m already having withdrawal symptoms from being on holiday in North Yorkshire! We stayed in a lovely place called Esk Valley, which is situated about 1.5 miles from the local railway town of Grosmont and roughly 8 miles from Whitby. Although we weren’t impressed with the cottage we rented initially, it did grow on us; the fact we had a railway track for the steam railway at the front of the house made up for it. You really can’t beat the country air and seeing all the fields and animals.

I had made this cake last week for a family event and from the feedback I received from it (unfortunately I didn’t get to try any), it was supposedly delicious! All of it was eaten and enjoyed, which made me very happy. The cake itself was different than how I imagined…

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