Why are the simplest things to do on a computer end up being the hardest and then all the high tech gadgets make it even worse. App for phone, app for iPad, Windows 8 you can do different things on each gadget, except the one thing you want to do…….make this post go to my Pinterest!

20130909-075757 PM.jpg
How quick things change, last week we were sitting in the garden enjoying temperatures of 30 degrees. Today it has been grey, miserable and raining a big reminder that summer is just about over and the long cold winter months are getting closer.
You also have the Christmas goods appearing in the shops, much too early I think but they are all doing it. All reminders that winter is creeping up on us and here to stay for a few months but on the good side we have lovely winter stews, puddings with custard and hot chocolate in big mugs that warm your hands up.
Winter will be coming a bit later for me as I am off to Corfu soon for two weeks of sun, sea, Mojhito’s and lots of writing. I will also be posting little reminders about how hot it is there! Sorry folks.

20130909-090451 PM.jpg

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