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Friday, what does it mean to you? Last day of the week, Friday night out with friends, take away and feet up night or just another day as you have to work tomorrow. I have always liked Fridays because it has always been the end of the working week for me and we always went out on a Friday evening when I worked at the collage.

Today is not just any Friday though, today is International Chocolate Day, big sigh, it is ok to eat that box of chocolates tonight and have that super large chocolate dessert. In fact you can have anything with chocolate in it and not feel guilty as you are supporting the day! You can encourage everybody to eat chocolate and be happy. Friday is chocolate lovers dream day, enjoy.

Then we have the date to go with our Friday, the 13th. If you are not superstitious then nothing matters but did you walk under that ladder today? No, maybe you are a bit? I do not think we are very superstitious but on this day it does make us think about black cats, opening umbrellas indoors, we needed them outside a little bit today, not to put your shoes on the table, never really understood this one as why would you put your shoes on the table? In fact why would you want to open your umbrella indoors? There are many superstitions that people are aware of today, would you fly today? I would. A lot of these sayings I would not do on any day as it seems common sense to me but hey we are all different.

So what ever Friday you are having, I hope it is fun and carry on eating the chocolate! I accept donations! x

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6 thoughts on “FRIDAY

  1. Hey I love black cats, and the chocolate sounds delicious too 🙂 Friday’s are lovely days, and the rest of the week are naughty days, well some are 🙂 Just kidding you Nanny Cool, or am I just being a tad wicked? 😉

    Have a nice weekend and don’t forget to eat some more chocolate 🙂

    Andro xxxx


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