Saturday I was invited to attend a writing course at the Sandwich Bird Observatory which hopefully would result in them getting some articles to put in their pamphlets and the best ones to go on their website. I found it very interesting and learnt some facts along the way, which is always good. My friend commented on my clothes saying I looked very nice in my pink raincoat so it just goes to show you can wear anything you like on a nature walk. This was my article I wrote for them.

20131013-082522 pm.jpg20131013-084616 pm.jpg
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There are some very good bargains to be found on the Wowcher Internet site and I found a good one last week. It is a writing course called Learn How To Write Children’s Stories, The price to buy was £195 but I bought it for £12 so I was very happy. It consists of 12 modules and a test after each one resulting in a certificate at the end of the course. I think all writing experience is good so I am looking forward to completing it.

It is a good job the weather is changing so I can spend time indoors writing as I have a lot of things to complete. I am going to be very strict with myself and try to keep on track.

Saturday evening I went to Jodie’s for dinner, which was lovely and ended up staying so we have had a very relaxing Sunday watching films, chatting, playing with the grandchildren and then Darren bought KFC home for us all so no cooking either, bonus.

3 thoughts on “NATURE WEEKEND

  1. At first glance I thought it said a naughty weekend, but hey a nature weekend can be wicked too you know? 😉 And you have proved it by attending and being so observant 🙂 I like both of these postings Nanny Cool 🙂 Hey maybe next time it will be a naughty weekend and we will want lots of feedback too, so get ready for that experience 😉 Just kidding… No I am not 🙂 lol

    Andro xxxx


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