My granddaughter Izzy got back from her school trip that had her doing all sorts of things for the week like quad bike riding, …………….it is like she has grown up and is a little dare devil now. What a difference it makes when they are full of confidence and so happy. Last night they had their Halloween disco and she dressed up as a minion and looked great. I bet she had a long lay in this morning so she caught up on some sleep.

Half term here this week so there will be a lot of trick or treating going on. I cannot believe how much this day has grown over the years, shops are now stocking every single thing you could ever wish for to make you look extra scary on the 31st. Again commercialism has made it an expensive day with all the outfits you can buy, no white sheets now with eyes cut out. For some that was the best bit making their costumes. Not that I have been any good at that, I just have not got the vision to turn something into an outfit so for me I’m pleased the shops stock them, I just don’t like the prices especially when you just wear it for one night.

I had the root treatment completed on my tooth on Thursday and then the toothache came back on Friday so I got antibiotics again, my face has now swollen up into my eye and looks like I got a black eye coming and got headache. I feel awful and so fed up, I am supposed to be having a blood pressure monitor fitted in the morning for 24 hours! It was the first infection that sent my blood pressure up!

I have secured everything down in the garden but I do not think it is going to be as bad as what they were predicting as the wind has dropped now. In fact we have nice sunshine here at the moment……

20131027-112655 am.jpg

13 thoughts on “SUNDAYS BULLETIN

  1. What a great posting Nanny Cool 🙂 Hey I hope that you are feeling better again soon my sweet friend 🙂 The weather is set to decline after tea, so get somewhere nice and warm, snuggled up and enjoy the storm. Actually it is supposed to run into Monday morning so I will be getting it, noooo not that, I mean all the horrible weather in the morning 😦 lol

    The Quad Biking Sounds Fun 🙂 😉

    Andro xxxx


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