We are made by two people supposably getting traits, looks, characteristics from them, which evolve in us as we grow and develop. But what of the child that never see’s or knows one of the people that made him, does he still develop their characteristics? Or are they hidden and not bought to the surface as the parent is not there to kick start them?

Why is it that when the child grows up with another person do they start to develop the same traits and characteristics of that person, so does that mean that we do not take after our birth parent but the parent that brings us up? Or do we have two lots in us and develop all of them, maybe the stronger ones take over that we see day to day.

Does the way we are bought up make us the person we are, then following on in our parents footsteps? Does everyone do what their parents did, no. We all want to be better than our parents, that is instilled in us to do well. How much do we change from peer pressure as you can have a very well behaved child but they mix with the wrong crowd and can change their whole behaviour so not being like their parent or person that brings them up. They develop into a completely different person, where does that come from? Can we stop it? Can a parent stop it?

It is not easy being a parent, everyone makes mistakes but we learn from them. We have to make them to learn, some we believe when told but a lot of times we ignore people so making the mistake, why do we do that? Why can we not just believe what the person is telling us?

No matter how many children you have they are all so different and develop the characteristics their own way, sometimes not even the way you would like, there is no control you can only advise and teach it is up to the child to follow it through. There are no easy answers or best ways as we are all different as children we know what is right and wrong it’s just a shame some follow the wrong route therefor not reaching their full potential. I know if I had my life over again there are many things I would change in my childhood , as an adult and as a parent.

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10 thoughts on “WHO ARE YOU?

  1. This is a lengthy offering so I will add my thoughts later today, and in the meantime pop the kettle on and make us some tea, nooo I meant that I would pop the kettle on so get your feet up Nanny Cool, it’s Andro pampering time 😉 lol

    H𝓪𝓹𝓹𝔂 𝓭𝓪𝔂 !

    Andro xxxx


  2. Back to the old nature or nurture question Nanny but, as you say, nurture can’t account for a child or children in the same family being what’s often referred to as “the rotten apple” and having behavioural problems that their siblings don’t have. A thought-provoking blog again. xx


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