Yesterday I woke extremely early with lots to say so I typed up a blog post and I must say it was one of my best, deciding to add a picture of Christmas at the end I went through and did what I always do but then changed my mind on the picture so clicked discard, panic. Where did the post go? I am sure you realise that it went, never to be seen again, not in trash or draft or anywhere. I then spent the day trying to remember all what I had written but the discard button had obviously worked on my head as well, gone and forgotten.

The grandchildren have their Christmas trees up and their excitement is increasing with each day, the reindeer food was purchased at the school Christmas fair and the songs are being practised for the church service. My mammoth wrapping section took me six hours on my own resulting in shoulders and fingers extremely sore for a few days but all is now complete so I can relax. Outfits are sorted for the holiday period including new Jamas as I am sure their will be a jama movie day under soft throws eating munch with the kids.

The children were very amused that I had bought an advent calendar for the cat then implying that I would be talking to her next……..I did not confess that I do already and it is so much nicer than having a man to talk to as she agrees with everything I say! She did not agree with the contents of the calendar though, looking at me as if I had put lots of green veg down for her, it did look a bit like mashed up green veg all gone hard! I then gave it to Izzy and Alfie to share between their four cats, yes four, one for each child. I am yet to hear what the cats thought of green veg!

I am finding it very hard to do any writing as the days I feel all enthused and bursting with ideas I seem to be busy, then the days I have set to do writing I seem to have a blank mind and end up reading a book or watching a movie, normally a Christmas one.

The Christmas lunch with all my friends lasted about four hours with wonderful presents received and an awful lot of laughing and fun shared. Friday evening we have a big family meal in the local restaurant to celebrate Kara’s 16th birthday, where does the time go it seems only yesterday I was watching her being born, that being the most amazing experience of my life. Then this time next week will see the arrival of another grandchild, happy times for everyone.

20131209-085334 am.jpg

5 thoughts on “MONDAY NEWS

  1. That’s a fine looking tree Nanny Cool and hey have a wicked Monday with lashings of chocolate, and anything else that you fancy 😉 Well I only said… I know what you mean about the blog muncher, that has happened to me before too, grrrr so frustrating when it was a good blog posting but next time ‘Copy and Paste’ before you click ‘Post’ and then it will be safe 🙂

    Be good today Nanny Cool, Santa is watching 😉 lmao

    Andro xxxx


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