Bit of a Christmas quiz today as it’s Happy Tuesday
Answer with your favourites please, all about Christmas.

Christmas song
Item of clothing
Part of Xmas dinner
Theme of decorations
Snow or sunshine
Barbecue or roast dinner
Bikini or best dress
Boots or shoes

You can always add your own questions or adapt it. Once finished you can play the game with loved ones or family and find out how well they know you by giving them the questions to answer about yourself.

Will post my answers later today, looking forward to reading yours. Xx

20131210-095656 am.jpg Great idea for the stairs, press each one as you go up and they sing to you!

12 thoughts on “FAVOURITES

  1. Christmas song Santa baby
    Decoration massive baubles that hang from my ceiling
    Food cold turkey, stuffing and ham sandwiches with home made pickled onions
    Item of clothing onesie/pj’s
    Book Oooooo I have lots
    Film ELF or Christmas with the Cranks
    Sweets Celebrations
    Dessert Raspberry pavlova
    Part of Xmas dinner the family all sitting round the table
    Drink Hazelnut Bailyies
    Pyjamas warm ones
    Cocktail ammaretto sour
    Magazine none
    Theme of decorations white, silver and black
    Flower Gerba
    Snow or sunshine SUNSHINE and snow
    Barbecue or roast dinner Roast Pork, home made apple sauce dinner
    Bikini or best dress
    Boots or shoes Lots of them!


  2. Christmas song – Silent Night and Oh, Holy Night
    Decoration – Lights, lots and lots of silver lights!
    Food – Boxing Day dinner of cold meat and home made pickled onions and red cabbage.
    Item of clothing – comfort now I’m afraid – PJs and dressing gown if we don’t have company!
    Book – “Little Women” series (used to get 1 each Christmas from my grandparents) AND whatever I’m reading at the time!
    Film – Of Mice and Men (sob!); Billy Elliott, Les Miserables and anything I see now with Dennis!
    Sweets – Cadbury’s milk chocolate!
    Dessert – Ginger Ice Cream, nom!
    Part of Xmas dinner – Turkey breast and roast parsnips
    Drink – a nice red (Merlot) and champagne!
    Pyjamas – usually nighties
    Cocktail – Harvey Wallbanger or Sex on the Beach!
    Magazine – Writing Magazine, Yours.
    Theme of decorations – silver and green
    Flower – Love them all but really like Sweet Peas and Anemones
    Snow or sunshine – sunshine
    Barbecue or roast dinner – roast dinner
    Bikini or best dress – best dress (bikini about 30 years ago!)
    Boots or shoes – Boots and Sandals

    Gillian xx


  3. I don’t do lists but as it is you I will add a quick run through and see how it goes… Okay, from the top (Crazy Train, Tree, Steak, Anything Gothic, Dracula, Van Helsing, Peanut M&M’s, Rhubarb Crumble, Pork Roast, Wine, Go Commando, Vampy’s Kiss, Anything Wicked, Zombies Perhaps? Rose, Snow, Hey None of Those, Shoes 🙂 lol)

    Have a lovely evening Nanny Cool 🙂 😉

    Andro xxxx


  4. Here goes….

    Last Christmas by Wham!
    Christmas lights
    Pigs in blankets
    Warm woolly socks
    Hmmm… don’t really have a favourite Christmas book!
    Mary Poppins – has to be!
    Chocolates – anything other than liquers!
    Fudge Brownies
    Big and warm!
    Don’t have a favourite cocktail.
    Trashy celeb mags for the fun factor
    White and blue
    Best dress

    I think I answered them all! 🙂


    • Oh yes, Wham did a good Xmas song and piggies in blankets are soooooo good, it’s a fight for those no matter how many we cook lol
      Thank you for playing, who are you going to test at Xmas to see how well they know you? Xx


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