The homework last week for writing group was to change the original story of Little Red Riding Hood into a flash fiction read. We could do this any way we wanted so long as we were between 150 and 300 words, preferable closer to 150. This is not as easy as it sounds but the trick is to cut out all unwanted words, I got it down to 145 so I was happy with that.

As the wolf dressed in Grandmas clothing, smiling to himself thinking what a good meal that had been, he placed her bonnet on his head. Sitting in the old woman’s bed he waited for the knock on the door.
Knock knock “come in” he said
“Hello Grandma, you ok? I bought you flowers and bread, your eyes look big,” fox squinted.
“Why are your ears so big?”
Why does she keep talking he thought trying to push his ears under the bonnet. Wanting to eat her saying, “I have big teeth to chew you up with!”
Screaming, running towards the door, she was quick he thought but not as quick as him. As he opened his mouth, dribbling the door burst open, seeing the gun he leapt off the bed. Bang!
The huntsman cuddled the girl then sliced the wolf open, grandma was snoring loudly.

20131217-015611 pm.jpg

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