The proud parents left hospital this morning and bought baby Zac home. Mia does not like him crying and pays more attention to her dolly. The family all visited as the children could not wait to meet their new little cousin.

20131218-100807 pm.jpg Alfie and Zac

20131218-100900 pm.jpg Izzy and Zac

20131218-100938 pm.jpg George and Zac

20131218-101017 pm.jpg Kara and Zac

20131218-101057 pm.jpg Darren and Zac

20131218-101135 pm.jpg Jodie and Zac

I think this photograph shows how small Zac really is. This is a normal baby bouncer that was got for Zac but he is in the Dolly’s bouncer, Mia was not very impressed!

20131218-101507 pm.jpg

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