Last November I made a flying comment about taking Izzy to see Cinderella at our local venue, I can delve into my memory bank and have a faint recollection of this. Children have this habit of remembering everything except what you tell them to! So, tickets were bought last week for the three of us to go, yes three now as Kara decided she would like to see it to.

Last night we all went to the Lee’s to watch Cinderella. I am so pleased Izzy did remember as the show was brilliant and had us laughing so much. We all knew some people performing as it was a local production with the story set in Folkestone. I always find it amazing to see what great talent we have on our doorstep, especially the children. They all love performing and the auditions are open for anyone, so if you want to have a go the next ones are in March, the summer show will be Peter Pan. I cannot wait as I am sure it will be another brilliant performance. I am encouraging Izzy to participate as she was very good in Oliver last year but it is a big commitment and takes up your free time.

20140112-095640 am.jpg
For my loyal readers I have a bit of gossip……Nanny Cool went on a date! Want to know more? Make sure you do not miss the next blog instalment. xx

6 thoughts on “EVENING OUT

  1. Glad you enjoyed the panto. I used to love being in plays etc with our am.dram group. Want to hear about this date – tell, tell, tell!!! xx


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