Another weekend over, why do they go so quick. I went for dinner Sunday evening with Billie and family, very nice roast and lovely company. I think Paul did most of the colouring on the free sheets and crayons they give the children though!

20140113-072441 pm.jpg

My grandaughter Jade goes horse riding every Wednesday then Saturday’s she spends at the yard mucking out and helping, also having a lesson. Jade has wanted to get a pony on loan for a couple of years and on Sunday her dream came true so we have a very happy girl. The pony is called DD and I must say is very nice and they go so well together, roll on summer so it’s not as cold when going to watch her ride.

20140113-073131 pm.jpg.

I had a very good day today writing so I am beginning to get back on track, I have put the novel to one side and am writing some short stories for some competitions. I feel I need some encouragement so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get some response. I am still looking for a publisher for the novel but finding it hard to find one that accepts these type of manuscripts.

Izzy has just messaged me and told me to up date my blog! All I can say today is that the date was with a very gorgeous fireman!
You will have to keep reading the blog! x

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