I have not written about Creative writing for a while, I think it may be because we have been doing poems which have been very short, 2 lines short so not easy at all. That then developed into Prose poems which I admit I am struggling with as with poems there are no rules really so how do you know if you have got it correct? Anyway here is my version of a Prose poem, hope you like it.

Pink and purple flowers blowing in the breeze
hiding behind the chives for me and you to see.
Birds flutter over not stopping to look,
not even tasting the nuts that are left for all to eat,
perhaps a table they might like to sit and stare at him.
Seagulls screech and cry wanting to eat all in sight
and scare the birds, him and me,
diving for a biscuit only they could see.
Scurrying, flying and running away we are not brave
hiding under tables, chairs and in amongst the trees
they fail to see us cowering away.
Fur on end, tail in the air, letting out a screech and jumping
onto my lap, claws outstretched.
I want to scream – but not from seagulls.
Just HER

20140212-105901 am.jpg

6 thoughts on “PROSE POEM

  1. It is prose, yet it’s also a poem, and it’s rather good.

    I met a male blogger last night who posts as MrNannyCool. He wrote of coins, and disturbing cashiers by scrutinizing his change. I asked if he was related to you. He replied about wives ruling us, but didn’t answer my question. Any comment? 😕

    My cat’s prettier than your cat – or not. 🙂


    • I am definitely a Miss Nanny Cool so no relation to me, where does he blog? My cat is obviously much prettier than yours.
      This week it is prose writing so will look forward to your comment. x


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