Laying on the sofa with a temperature and a horrid dose of flu gives you time to think and this mostly consists of things you do not really want to think about or confront but you end up thinking and getting upset and at the end of it hopefully you will have some answers.
I am not sure if I have found the answers but I do know that I have done my best most of the time, yes, I have made mistakes…loads of them….would I change them if I could…yes, in a shot. We all have to learn to live with our own mistakes, which I think is achievable if you are kind to yourself. The hardest thing to live with is other peoples mistakes that impact on you, yes you may understand it was a mistake but the why is hard. Learning to accept and move on is not easy and a struggle.
I try to help people whenever I can but I still feel like sometimes it’s never enough, should I give more but then what about me and what I want. I have given everything I can and no it’s not good enough, I am happy with what I have given and tried, yes some things could of been done differently but it’s too late now so accept and move on. Life is too short and I for one realised that when I nearly lost one of my daughters in a car accident a few years ago, you do not know what is round the corner so make sure you are happy with your partings as sometimes you never get to say hello again.

20140228-021413 pm.jpg Looking at this picture makes me want to run away and lay on that beach but I know I can’t so let’s face another day and get through it the best we can as that is all any of us can do, forgive ourselves and do what makes you happy!

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