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A new coffee shop opened in London this week, so thought I would promote it and also see what you all have to say about it.
Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.

20140302-114900 am.jpg Coffee and cake with a cat purring away on your lap, loving the attention. Can you feel that calmness creeping through you after that stressful morning you have just had at work? They say animals can reduce stress and improve your well being, we have heard of dogs being taken to cancer wards and what a calming effect they have on the patients. There is no guarantee that one of the cats will come and sit on your lap though as they might decide they are very happy to have a snooze in the window or up on one of their many shelves. They all look very happy though what ever they are doing.

20140302-115945 am.jpg Animals near food! I can hear the response already but many hygiene rules are followed to the T and no food is allowed to be cooked on the premises. Cat hair on your cake, I guess that may happen if it was in the air but would you be in there eating a cream cake if you did not like cats?
For the many people that cannot have pets this is a great idea and one that is happening all over the world, so next time your in London go and have a coffee and say hello. 152-154 Bethnal Green, London.

8 thoughts on “CATS – LOVE OR NOT?

  1. I’ve heard lots of people moaning about this, and I can’t quite figure out what the problem is. As long as the animals are well cared for where’s the harm? Lady Dinah’s will bring a lot of joy (and fun) to a lot of people’s lives, and that’s great. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said anyone who doesn’t want to risk a sprinkling of cat hair on their cream cake simply shouldn’t go. I’m heading there this evening and I can’t wait! 🙂


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