It feels like the week went from Monday to Friday and I didn’t get hardly anything completed. I keep changing the first few chapters of two books as I want them to be so perfect for when I have the meetings but sometimes I think I should just stop and let my story come through how it was intended to in the first place. It’s not easy and very stressful, wish I could just stop worrying about it.

We have at last moved on from prose in creative writing and boy am I pleased, I just could not get my head round any of that and it was making me lose all enthusiasm for the class. I did speak up about it and discovered that I was not the only one so that made me feel better. For the next couple of weeks we are doing research which I think I am ok at but it will be good to do some about something completely different and my topic is a haunted house in Folkestone so I am really looking forward to that as it’s right out of my comfort zone and it will be good to write a scary or horror story as not written anything like that before.

I had Izzy round for dinner tonight and we were looking for some deals to Amsterdam as she really wants to see where Anne Frank lived and I would like to go to The Van Gogh Museum.

I am looking forward to a sunny weekend and plan to get the garden straight and clean the table and chairs ready for sitting out there. I am catching up with an old friend for dinner, who I haven’t seen for about six years so that should be fun. I came across this the other day and it made me realise that so many people make mistakes in life and we should be more forgiving and accepting.

20140307-091837 pm.jpg

6 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. I am sure that your trip will be an enlightened experience, and what a treat visiting the Van Gogh Museum, I think you will have a great time regardless of where you go but hey enjoy the whole experience my sweet friend. I am intrigued about your Ghost story, how are you getting on with that one? Hopefully it is scaring the pants off you already, metaphorically speaking of course, I am not that naughty 😉 lol

    Have a wonderful Tuesday and rest of week Karen, and be good…

    Andro xxxx


  2. Amsterdam’s wonderful, easily one of my favourite cities. I went to the Van Gogh museum while I was there – don’t have a huge interest in art history, and I didn’t know anything about him beforehand other than he painted sunflowers and cut his ear off, but it was really interesting to learn about his life and how his work developed over the years. Absolutely make that trip, you’ll love it I’m sure 🙂


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