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What a busy week as I have been polishing up the first few chapters of two books and synopsis for both of them. I guess there are only so many times you can change things but you want them to be so perfect, I have tomorrow to add the finishing touches and re-read again and again. Then they are off to the agents so they can have a read before our meetings at the end of the month. I never realised what a nerve wracking time it is and that is just getting them ready to send off, imagine what it is going to be like the day of the meetings!

Creative writing led me to ideas about a short story involving a ghost after doing the research about a haunted house in Folkestone so that has worked well as I have seen a competition for ghost stories so I will get that going at the weekend. There appears to be a lot of competitions you can enter with short stories and I am beginning to wonder should I concentrate on those if I don’t get any luck with my books.

I went to my granddaughters school for lunch again the other day and again it was superb, we both had prawn cocktail for starters and again I forgot to take pictures of that but I have got some of the mains which were the lamb and the mustard chicken, again beautifully presented and tasted delicious.

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Dessert was profiteroles or apricot pancakes, again lots of fruit in the pancakes and the cream in the profiteroles was amazing.

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20140313-083459 pm.jpg
I did not eat for the rest of the day and it’s not really good for my diet but I like to support Kara as she is doing so well at school. We have had sunshine all week and it’s set to last into next week so it’s been lovely to sit outside with a coffee and daydream.

5 thoughts on “CHAPTERS TO AGENTS

  1. The lunch does look scrumptious Nanny Cool
    and as for your writing, keep pushing the boundaries
    and eventually your daydreaming will become a
    reality, oh yes and enjoy everything, I always do 🙂

    Andro xxxx


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