Beauty box 1

The first beauty box I had delivered was from Love Me Beauty, I must say I wasn’t very impressed with the cardboard box it came in.

20140323-090301 pm.jpg I was expecting to keep the boxes.

20140323-090351 pm.jpg The contents were all sample size apart from two things. First of all I had some false eye lashes, I have never tried them before so will save them for a night out and hope I don’t glue my eyes together!

20140323-090522 pm.jpg Next we have Nip+Fab eye cream and concealer in one, I found this very runny and didn’t appear to brighten the eye area at all. This was full size and had a twist up action.

20140323-090758 pm.jpg Next to try was the Blanx toothpaste, tasting lovely and fresh but I am afraid I didn’t notice any whitening of teeth like it said on packet.

20140323-091052 pm.jpg
The English Rise bath salts smelt lovely and mixed with a small amount of sweet almond oil made a good body scrub.

20140323-091314 pm.jpg The Deep Steep moisture stick smelt of Lavender and really softened up my hands. It glides on and hydrates the skin, this was full size and will fit in your handbag.

20140323-091601 pm.jpg
Finally I had the very small tube of Murad, a daily moisturiser protecting against harmful UV rays. It says it minimises lines so will let you know!

20140323-091911 pm.jpg
So that was my first beauty box and to be honest I wasn’t very impressed at all so will not be getting one of those ones again. Let’s hope the next one to come is better.

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