This will make you feel all Spring like and looking forward to Easter.

20140324-094207 am.jpg
My grandaughter Izzy looked after the chicks for the weekend from school, they all had a lovely time.

20140324-094332 am.jpg I don’t think she wanted them to go back this morning but her sister did as they were cheeping, chirping very early in the mornings and woke her up.

20140324-094504 am.jpg I was amazed how big their feet were!

20140324-094546 am.jpg
They all huddle together and sleep all over each other but very cute though and brilliant for the children at school to watch them hatch out of the eggs.
Photographs were taken by Izzy, thank you very much for sharing Izzy.

Have you made any plans for Easter apart from which egg you would like? Plain chocolate one for me please. X

5 thoughts on “CHICKS

  1. The chicks add a nice touch for Easter I think, and no not plain chocolate, I much prefer a large milk chocolate, maybe something with a Vampires fang or just a bit of Ghoul 🙂 lol Okay a Cadbury’s one will suffice, just make sure I get to eat it all to myself 😉

    Andro xxxx


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