20140429-101350 am.jpg On Saturday I took my daughter to London to the theatre to see the Bodyguard, well actually I wanted to see it so I made her come with me! Starting the evening on a train I was expecting to sit back read, chat or listen to my music but Billie had other ideas.

20140429-101653 am.jpg

20140429-101709 am.jpg Was a fun train ride is about all I can say about that. Walking up the Strand to the theatre and there up the road next to it is a TGI Fridays, this could be bad I think to myself as it is Billies favourite place to go for cocktails.

20140429-101930 am.jpg

20140429-101944 am.jpg

20140429-101954 am.jpg

20140429-102008 am.jpg

20140429-102014 am.jpg After that we head to the theatre and what a great show, Beverley Knight was brilliant, they were all great especially the boy who got a few extra cheers at the end. Finishing off dancing and both thinking what a great evening. Walking back up the road we see a nice little Italian and decide to go for a meal to finish the evening off and a couple more cocktails!

20140429-102544 am.jpg

20140429-102552 am.jpg

20140429-102558 am.jpg

20140429-102604 am.jpg The food was delicious, the service great and we had a wonderful time. It was a shame we didn’t have time for dessert as we had to get to the station for the train home. The journey home was very, very quiet as Billie fell asleep!

20140429-102824 am.jpg Lol what a change from journey up there! Lol


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