How on earth did we get to May already and why does time appear to go so much faster when your older? I am putting more things on my ‘to-do’ list than crossing off! This May Day long weekend starts the week with one of my grandsons birthdays, 6 years old it seems like only yesterday he was born.

20140502-104443 am.jpg I flew home from Spain as soon as I got the call and spent the first two weeks of his life with him, I will cherish those memories forever. They are not babies for long and you have to make every minute count.

20140502-104533 am.jpgThen two days later I have the lovely Izzys birthday, 11 years old but appears so wise at times. You try to keep them children for as long as you can so their dreams and fantasies last forever in this harsh adult world.
Let’s hope the sun shines brightly for a fab, fun filled weekend.

20140502-104741 am.jpg

2 thoughts on “FRIDAY UPDATE

  1. I wish there was a way to slow time down. Isn’t it amazing how we are almost in the middle of 2014? Your Grandchildren are precious and I love their sweet little photos! 🙂 Happy May! 🙂


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