CIMG1030I went on a coach trip one day when I was on holiday in Spain, they call them ‘Blanket Trips’ and are very popular with the residents as you get a day out for free and all you have to do is listen to a presentation for 45 minutes of what ever they are selling at the time which could be from blankets to saucepans.  I had a mattress and wool cover which did sound very good and the mattress was so light which I thought was a very good idea as I cannot lift mine on my own.  The waterfalls are amazing and I would recommend that if ever you go to Benidorm you pay them a visit it only costs four euro so it’s a bargain.  Be prepared for the coldness to hit you though as the water is freezing as it comes from underground. CIMG1033CIMG1040 CIMG1034The water is very clear, these pictures are at the bottom of the fall as I could not get up the steps but it was still amazing and worth going.There was a restaurant at the bottom that had a lovely pool and children’s play area that would be great for families.CIMG1028CIMG1036 CIMG1037I sat by this pool which was filled with the water from the waterfall and it was very cold but pleasant as the sun was hot, the cold beer went down well while I sat and daydreamed.CIMG1044

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