How exciting, I am actually in print and it is going on sale on Amazon!

20140630-094941 am-35381223.jpgThis is a collection of works from the classes where I attended one of them. The tutor Jacqueline Summer was amazing and bought out things in me that I never thought I had. I thoroughly enjoyed her classes and it is nice to have something to take away and keep from them, also reminding us of the friends we made there. Our poems and prose are all very different just like us but each one reminds me of that person. I have three poems in here, I was sitting in my garden when I wrote them so that is where the inspiration came from.

20140630-095455 am-35695599.jpgPinks are one of my favourite flowers in fact any pink flowers are lovely and my collection of them is slowly building up in my garden, along with the fairy lights and fairy garden.

20140630-100331 am-36211733.jpgMy last poem is about my Nan, I could have written so much!

20140630-095904 am-35944090.jpg
I hope you like them and would love to hear what you think of them as I do so doubt myself.

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