When the children get to eleven they leave primary school and go onto secondary education. My grandaughter Izzy is off to Grammer school in September and is really looking forward to it. Last week she attended an induction day and then when her parents met her they got her uniform, how smart she looks in it. I always think they look so grown up as soon as they leave primary school but the good thing is that they are then allowed to go to town as they have to travel to school so that means they can walk round to see me when ever they like. Proud Nanny here.

20140711-083414 pm-74054893.jpg
It is a tradition that the leaving class put on a play at the end of term and I went to Izzys the other evening. What a fantastic job they all did and you could hear all the words in the songs as they sang so beautifully. I can’t put pictures up of them all or the set they made but here is a couple of Izzy during her performance.

20140711-083654 pm-74214381.jpg

20140711-083654 pm-74214069.jpgMy little star.

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