I just had to share my excitement with you all as I am jumping about like a mad women possessed! Lol well not really possessed but definitely mad! As I was trying to get to sleep the other night I was looking through my phone, as you do. I looked at Twitter and I have 867 followers, amazing I thought so I then looked at my blog and have 385 followers, very impressed with that. I know it is not as many as a lot of the blogs out there but I am happy so I figure that’s all that matters. There have been 6,240 views on all my posts I have written, that’s a lot of people reading about me and all what I write about. Then I looked at the countries and people from 69 different countries around the world follow my blog! AMAZING.

20140802-044959 pm-60599186.jpg

20140802-045014 pm-60614106.jpg

20140802-045026 pm-60626726.jpg

20140802-045040 pm-60640403.jpgSo, you see now why I am so happy. Thank you to every single person that takes the time to read my posts xxx


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