First of all I wanted to share with you the certificate I received from Breast Cancer Care thanking us for raising the money. I thought that was a lovely thought.

20140803-060036 am-21636074.jpg
I wanted a desk in my bedroom as it is so light and airy with the window looking out onto the garden, I just love my bedroom. I started to look about as it needed to be an exact size to fit in the gap and with drawers on the right. I eventually found one on EBay and it was only £7 what a bargain, great condition. So off I went to pick it up as it fitted in the back of the car. As I have been looking for a while I also started to collect little bits that I wanted to go on the desk.

20140803-060556 am-21956148.jpgMy favourite thing is my handbag light, it is so cool, I love it to bits. When I was out with Corinne I found the frame and she put the wadding and material in it to make it a notice board so I have pit all the things that mean something to me on it instead of them being in a cupboard where they are never seen.

20140803-060823 am-22103377.jpgI am now very happy sitting at my desk, looking down the garden and dreaming up the next story to write.

20140803-061042 am-22242510.jpg

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