Saturday ended up a nice sunny day but very windy so I had a stroll round the enormous boot fair and Donkey Derby. The kids had fun picking the winners but never winning lol Then having some fun in the fun fair on the rides.
I always look about for bits for the garden and I was very lucky as I got two beautiful elegant china cats for £2

IMG_2740.JPGThis little rabbit will look good in the fairy garden I think, he was £1

I have been looking for one of thee stands to put my nail varnishes in and was going to buy one from Wilkingsons for £19 but I found this one and got it for £2 that was my bargain of the day and just what I wanted.


IMG_2734.JPGI then finished off with two lovely china frames for 50p


IMG_2733.JPGI was very pleased I went along and we all had fun to.
I have been taking lots of pictures with the new camera and am still so pleased with it.



10 thoughts on “BARGAIN BOOTFAIR

  1. I was told by a nails lady to keep my nail varnishes in the refrigerator Nanny to stop them getting thick? Like the ceramic photo frames you got – I never seem to find any bargains at boot fairs or jumble sales (about 30 years ago when we moved near Canterbury we had days of heavy rain and all the shoe shops had run out of wellies, which I needed living in the country, and I saw a notice saying “Boot Sale” and thought that was what they were selling – boots and shoes!! I’d never heard of them before as they were a new concept then! Doh!) xx


  2. Hello there. You seem to have got yourself some good bargains there. I particularly like the cats. Can we see an image of your cats and rabbit in situ please?
    Loving your blog. x


  3. OK, I’m officially jealous that someone went to a car boot sale when I didn’t. By rights that should be illegal. You seem to have had a good time going round picking up bargains. The nest of baskets is particularly good but for heavens sake how many fingers have you got?
    Great pictures.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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